Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Which CEO?

He is probably the only chief executive of a publicly traded company who has an academy award for technical achievement. He got this in 1999 for devising a bar code system which helped in post production editing of film reels. He also recently appeared in some Amex ads. Who is this?

Mike Lazardis - RIM

Which Company ?

The last 4 questions and the next set of questions were are from the quiz that i had conducted in QFI Chennai ( quite sometime back)

What was formed by the merger of Bonnage – a french Company , Ajroldi – an Italian Company , Wiesendanger – a Swiss Company and Tragos – An american Company? The company formed out of this merger also has a subsidiary named TEQUILA.


Which award and who?

This award has been given only twice so far. The award was instituted in 2002 and was awarded to Natalie du Toit. Who is the only other person to have got this award and what is the name of this award?

Samaresh Jung --- David Dixon award


His original name was Lakshminarasimha vijayarajagopala seshadri sharma rajesh raman. He is now better know as X. When asked what X means he replied that X means to do your own thing. Whozzit?

Blaaze -- The rapper who sings in AR Rahman tracks often.

Who is this?

His abandoned plans for a new York Skyscraper hotel is believed to have influenced the redesign of the WTC after the 9/11 Attacks. When he was 74 years old, he was run over by a tram. Because of his ragged clothes and empty pockets, the cab drivers refused to take him to a hospital fearing he would be unable to pay. His friends when they found him in a general hospital wanted to move him to a better place but he declined saying he belonged among the poor. He was later buried in the middle of his most famous work. Who was he?

Antonio Gaudi

What Symbol?

It is an ancient egyptian symbol of protection and power from the deity of Ra. The symbol flanked by Nekhbet and wadjet( both local goddesses who were patrons of the pharaohs) was found on Tutankhamun’s mummy. In the ancient Egyptian measurement system , the symbol represented a fractional quantification system of measuring the whole. What was the symbol?

The eye of Ra

Monday, November 27, 2006

Crazy About the Ashes , Try this Game.

Be warned , it is tougher than your normal flash Cricket games. From This thing plays only the arcade version. To play the challenge version , u need to go to the original site. Have fun!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

What is this List?

Some of the previous ones were

The latest being

What is this List?

This is a part of the list who have sung the Theme songs for James bond films.



Connection is Walmart ( ASDA is the name of the retailer through which WALMART operated in the UK. George is a internal brand that is sold by ASDA and Walmart stores across the world. The picture is that of the first Walton Store. Sam Walton used to work in JCPenney before he started his own company.)


Connect the following pictures

Connection is Kaun Banega Crorepathi

Amitabh Bachchan being the Host of the indian version of Who wants to be a millionaire. Shahrukh Khan is believed to replace Amitabh for the next set of KBCs. The guy in the picture is Samir Nair - CEO of Star , the channel that runs KBC. The poster of high society -- Connection is Who wants to be a millionaire. The name Who wants to be a millionaite was got from a Cole Porter song in the film which goes on --- "Who wants to be a millionaire? I don't. / And I don't 'cause all I want is you." . KBC being the Indian Version of WWM.

How do we know this better?

Known also as the Mubarak Peace Bridge and the Egyptian-Japanese Friendship bridge, This is a bridge crossing at El Qantara( the Arabic word for a bridge). How is it better know and what is this bridge over?

Suez Canal Bridge. -- A Bridge over the Canal

Identify this guy and the Company he created

Identify this guy who attended Umass Amherst and worked as a DJ before starting his own company. When he registered a domain name on the internet , it was the 454th name to be registered on the web. The company the he formed when on to become the biggest company of its type. Who is this and Which company?

Jeff Taylor --

Which Company?

This company although better known in a different field is also known for its red and green Travel guides. The Northa American Headquarters of this company is based in South Carolina. From 1934 to 1976 , This company also owned the Car Company Citroen. Which Company is this?


Which Brand??

Recently a well known indian Menswear brand got into trademark problems when it tried to get into the North American Market. The American company which held the trademark to the name was a shoe company. Now just identify the name of the brand that both are vying for?

(Hint: The MD of the Indian company is Anees Noorani)



Sushil Kumar Shrivastava recently filed a petition asking the courts to stop the production of a new two rupee coin by the government. This coin is slated to have a Ganesha with holding a lantern in his hands. Now , against whom where these petitions filed against? and what was the reason

Petition filed againts Lalu and Rbi Governor Y V reddy. This coin was to be released as part of a 150 year celebration of Railways. But the petition argues that it was lalu's party symbol and was degrading to the hindus.


Connect Picture 1 ( Pooja) to Kuruthipunal( okay this is a bit or a lame connect coz can be umpteen other movies as well) and connect Picture 2 to Picture 3(Dhanush)

Okay the Answer is Gautami who acted in Kuruthipunal happens to be the middle name of Pooja Umashankar. And Venkat Prabu , more popularly known as Dhanush , got his screen name after he was impressed by the character in kuruthipunal.

How do we know them now?

All these are the original Names of the actors of Kollywood. Try to get the screen names

Saravanan ----- Surya

S.Justin Selvaraj ---- S.J. Surya

John Kennedy ---- Vikram( Chian)

Got more?? send them to me at . I will add them to this page.

Identify this Institution

This institution's motto is Luceat Lux Vestra (Let your light shine). Famous Alumni from this college are Anand and Vijay Amritraj , C K Prahlad, Verghese Kurien , Vishwanathan Anand , Dayanidhi Maran. Which Institution?

Loyola College


Her real name was Rishibala. Earlier her last name was Nawal , while now it is Bagga. She is a supporter of the AIADMK party along with her husband. Who is this famous person?

Who else --- Simran - the actress

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Which Retailer?

Which American apparel Retail firm gets its name from a 1920's French/Latin-American Airmail firm?(Hint:)Its logo is a small butterfly for the women's line and a small, standing bulldog for the men's line.


Inspired by?


Identify the painting that inspired this Album Cover

Edouard Manet's The Luncheon on the Grass. The Bands name is Bow Wow Wow

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Question 25 from FCE


Had to finish with Thalaivar – Connection -- Don --- the previos don was remade as billa – So thalai
The elephunk album had a song the Elephunk theme , which was actually a remix of a song ennakum unakkum aanandam from thalais 100th film raghavendra
The french film released earlier this year has a 5 minute action sequence from Muthu
Muthu was a remake of that malayalam film featuring shobana

And the hint was Arunachalam was based on the Brewsters Million.

Question 24 from FCE

He practized as a lawyer in the Madras High court in the late 50's and early 60's. He was the legal advisor for TTK and Co. He was a member of the BRC cricket club which played in II division of Madras Cricket Club( Previous name of TNCA). He is however more known in the field of arts , having acted in 180 films , scripted 14 , and directed 4. He has been the editor of a weekly magazine from 1978. Who is this person?

CHO Ramaswamy

Question 23 from FCE

The first instance of a Sikh bowling to Another Sikh in an international match happened in a test match in Nagpur. Who was the bowler and who was the batsman?

Bowler -- Harbhajan Singh
Batsman -- Monty Panesar

Question 22 from FCE

Legend has it that the Annual stock market trends can be predicted by the winner of each year's Super Bowl. A triumphant team from the old American Football League (now the American Football Conference, or AFC) foreshadows a down market, but a winner from the old NFL (now the National Football Conference, or NFC) means dust off your red cape, because the bulls are coming. How is the legend better known?

SuperBowl Indicator

Question 21 from FCE

One explanation to the name is given as the name being derived from Old english for milk stealers.A similar word in Dutch and German origin and the further corruption of the word led to its current form. What are we talking about?

Origin of the name Butterfly

Question 20 from FCE

He founded the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), a political party with the stated goal of serving the traditionally lower castes of Indian society, including Sudras and Dalits (Untouchables). Who is he?

Kanshi Ram

Question 19 from FCE

He had his formal education from the Elmira School of commerce .His first job was at age 18 as a bookkeeper in Clarence Risley's Market. Later when he worked in NCR ( National Cash Register Company), he coined his famous motto, which he would use in the company that he would become the CEO of. While at NCR he also faced an anti trust case and was indicted to 1 year in prison.Who was this person and what was the famous motto that he coined?

Thomas Watson Senior – Think was the motto

Question 18 from FCE


The top floor of this building (above the pizzeria and japanese restaurant) was the Headquarters of this organisation before it moved into a office building in San Bruno , California. The entrance to the Headquarters was through the door that you see between the two eateries. Which now famous organisation started its work in this place?

You Tube.

Question 17 from FCE

Who was the lead singer of this band that was formed in the mid 1960s

---- Aniruttha -- Harmonium artist
---- Illayaraja -- joined group as Guitarist , moved to harmonium after aniruttha had to concentrate on his day job
---- Bhaskaran ( brother of Illaya raja) -- Percussion
---- Gangai Amaran -- Guitarist after Illayaraja moved to the Harmonium.

SP Bala Subramanium

Question 16 from FCE

The first "multiplex" in Thanjavur had just two theaters -- Shanti and Kamala. Who was the owner of this multiplex and why were the cinemas named so?

Shivaji Ganesan was the owner, named it after his wife and Daughter

Question 15 from FCE


This is the company's tagline that is printed in the form of images. These are printed on the glasses and the cups that the company produces. What is the company and what is the tagline?

America Runs on Dunkin – Dunkin donuts.

Question 14 from FCE

The club career of this present player reads as follows

Chemnitzer FC, FC Kaiserslautern, Bayer Leverkusen ,Bayern Munich ,--------------

Which player and which club does he play for now?

Michael Ballack and he plays for Chelsea now.

Question 13 from FCE


Identify the two drivers from this picture

Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher

Question 12 from FCE

Only 3 other people have accomplished this feat so far -- Sachin Tendulkar, Sanath Jayasuriya, Adam Gilchrist. Who became the latest player to be added to this list and what is this list?(Hint : This feat was achieved in a match against India in this champions Trophy)

Brian Lara . The feat acheived was hitting 1000 fours in a career.

Question 11 from FCE

Headquartered at 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza,Suite 2300,Chicago, IL 60654, This chain of restaurants was started by a young couple who sold Antiques. In order to serve their customers better, they provided their customers with submarine sandwiches. This side business later became their main business and they have been offering toasted sub sandwiches longer than all their competitors --(Subway, Quiznos, Blimpie). The organisation gets its name from the kind of stoves that were used in the late 19th century. All their stores still have an antique store theme. Which major restaurant company is this?

PotBelly Sandwich Works

Question 10 from FCE

While announcing the award,the Academy in its citation, said: "In the quest for the melancholic soul of his native city, He has discovered new symbols for the clash and interlacing of cultures.". What was the award and who is the person?

Nobel Prize for Literature for Orhan Pamuk.

Question 9 from FCE

Her first album, released on September 19, 2006, is entitled, The Dutchess, a misspelt variant of the former title of Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, with whom she shares a surname and popular nickname. She is also the lead singer of Black Eyed Peas. Who is she?

Fergie a.k.a Stacy Ann Ferguson.

Question 8 from FCE


Identify the two people and the Band they were part of for this album

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant ( Yeah !!! Those Led Zeppelin guys) and the band was Page and Plant. The album name was No Quarter

Question 7 From FCE

In literature , this Latin Phrase was spoken by Satan as he refused to serve God. It translates into " I will not serve" This phrase recently acquired spotlight because of its usage in the Film The Departed by Martin Scorcese. Frank Costello played by Jack Nicholson uses X to assert his gangland theories of independence and leadership.

Other usages of this phrase

Hagbard Celine uses this phrase to voice his refusal to (among other things) pay his taxes in Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea's The Illuminatus! Trilogy.

Spoken by the protagonist, Stephen Dadelus in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, after his decision to follow the life of an artist, rather than that prescribed to him by the Catholic Church, it is an allusion to Lucifer's assertion to Yahweh in Milton's Paradise Lost, first chapter. Lucifer states that it is better to reign in hell than submit in heaven.

What is this phrase?

Non Serviem

Question 6 from FCE

Currently in beta form, this website/service has the tagline -- Your Opinion matters... express it. Which Site? -- The site that Sabeer Bhatia is now promoting

Question 5 from FCE

In 1977 she opened a classical dance school named after her in New Jersey. Her school is one of the largest Indian classical dance schools in America. She has acted in more than 400 tamil movies and has acted opposite MGR, sivaji ganesan and the likes. She has also acted with Raj kapoor in his famous film - mera naam joker. Her last film was Vastuhara.Who is this person?

Padmini - The dancer and Actress who recently passed away

Question 4 from FCE

In 2004 just before the tournament started , a famous magazine covering the event described the tournament as " the Tournament that veers between being the second most important and a ludicrous waste of time". Which Magazine about which Tournament?

Wisden about the ICC Champions Trophy

Question 3 from FCE

The name of this place is believed to have originated from the cartographer Amerigo Vespucci who, along with Alonso De Ojeda led a 1499 naval expedition. On reaching the Guajira Peninsula, the crew observed the distinctive stilt villages (palafitos) that the people had built over the water. This reminded Vespucci of the city of Venice. As a result he is believed to have named it Little Venice. What is this place?


Question 2 from FCE

This game show hosted by actor-comedian Bob Saget has become a hugely popular game show, with people like Ken Jennings( the multiple jeopardy winner) and the models of Deal or No deal being a part of the show. This gameshow is a variation of the show Een Tegen Hondred , a Dutch games show produced by Endemol. Simple question : - just name the show.

1 vs 100 for more info on this show, check this link

Questions from Fact Cry Eliminations held at Infosys Chennai


The next 25 questions being posted on this blog are questions from the Fact Cry 2006 eliminations for Infosys Chennai( set by yours truly) Ensoi...

Question 1:
He was the last Dutch Governor of New Netherland before the ownership of the colony was tranferred to the British. Who is this person and how is he famous now?

Peter Stuyvesant. The stuyvesant brand of Cigarettes is named after him.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Trivia TidBit #12

In terms of area, it is the second largest country on the second largest continent. ( Hint: Both the Continent and the Country start and end in A)

Algeria( Africa)

Trivia Tidbit #11

Myxomatosis - a disease that affects only this animal , was introduced in Australia to help the sheep as these animals were grazing all the grass that the sheep had. Which animal?


Trivia Tidbit #10

The Legion d'Honneur the highest French order was established by the First Consul of the First Republic on May 09,1802. What was the name of the person who established the order?

Napolean Bonaparte

Trivia Tidbit #9

Albert Frederick Arthur George Windsor who later went on to become King George VI, was the last emperor of which Asian country?


Trivia Tidbit #8

Analogous to rust, this is a layer of corrosion that develops over Copper,Brass,Silver, Aluminum. This is mainly caused by chemicals such as Sulphur in the air. What is the one word that describes this?


Monday, October 23, 2006

Trivia Tidbit #7

It is the Second most spoken language in the world. Which?

-- English

Trivia Tidbit #6

The Nepalese call it - Sagarmata , while the Tibetians and Chinese call it Chomolunga/Quomolunga. How did the British call it?

Mount Everest

Trivia Tidbit #5

This toy company at one point produced more cars than Ford, Gm and Chrysler combined. Which company?

-- Mattel

Trivia Tidbit #4

Which concept widely used now was first mentioned by Benjamin Franklin in his letter to the editors of Journal of Paris?

Daylight Saving Time

Trivia Tidbit #3

Which word for the Mohammedan religion means "submission to the will of god"?


Trivia Tidbit #2

Which U.S State Capital's name shows that its founder Roger Williams believed that he was led by God to that place?

Providence , -- Captial Of Rhode Island

Trivia Tidbit #1

What is the Scottish Word for lake?


Answers to previous Quiz

Q1. Toastmasters club

Q2. Shah Rukh Khan

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Q1.This is the Logo of what?

Q2: Whose face has been blocked out?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Answers to Trivial Pursuit #15

1. Pablo Picasso
2. On the Beaches of Goa

Vidya Shankaran ---- 1

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Trivial Pursuit #15


1. Identfy this famous person

2.Where would you find this?

Friday, September 22, 2006

Answers to Trivial Pursuit #14

1. Hugo Chavez

2. Thaksin Shinawatra - The Thailand Prime Minister who was recently ousted was the founder of AIS.


Arun George ---- 1
Rahul Paul ---- 1
Abhishek Kumar ---- 1

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Trivial Pursuit #14


1. Who is this person, who recently called the American President a devil in the UN assembly?

2. Advance Info Service is the largest GSM mobile company in its country of operation. It was founded in 1990 and is presently headed by Temasek Holdings. Who was the founder of this company?

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Whats happening in Thailand?

Here is a linker page to happenings in Thailand. Page has links to happenings in Thailand - atleast some of those reported on the web

Linker Page

Friday, September 15, 2006

Answers to Trivial Pursuit #13

1. The first Blank is Black Dahlia , and the second Blank is LA Confidential. These are parts of the L.A. Quartet written by James Ellroy. Both of them are also movies.

2. Juan Roman Riquelme

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Trivial Pursuit #13

1. Fill up the blanks and how do we know this list better?

--------------, The Big Nowhere , ---------------- , The White Jazz

2. In the Champions League Semi Final this year - Villareal vs Arsenal -- Arsenal were leading 1-0 on aggreagate, when Villareal got a penalty. X came upto take the penalty. X normally a clinical finisher from the penalt spot - hit the ball to the left of Jens Lehman. It was a weak shot though and was stopped. Now X also appeared in the World Cup later this year, but his team exited out of the WC pretty early on. He recently announced his retirement from International Football. Who is X?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Answers to Trivial Pursuit #12

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1. Micheal Schumacher

2. Clingman's Dome ---

Sunset as seen from the second highest point on the eastern side of USA.

Scores :- Abhimanyu ---- 1

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Trivial Pursuit #12

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Q1 : Born in Hürth Hermülheim in 1969 , he became the first Billionaire athelete in the world. Who is this person?

Q2 : Known as "Kuwahi" (the mulberry place) by the Cherokee Indians, the mountain was originally dubbed "Smoky Dome" by local Scots-Irish inhabitants. In 1859, the mountain was henceforth renamed for Thomas Lanier Clingman (1812-1897), who extensively explored the area in the 1850's and spent many years thereafter promoting it and was also a lawyer, member of the U.S. Congress (House and Senate), and a brigadier general for the Confederate States of America, by compatriot Arnold Guyot. What is this place?

Answers to Trivial Pursuit #11

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1. Steve Irwin more famously known as the crocodile hunter recently died due to a stingray attack. This is the only instance of a death due to stingray attack which has been caught on tape.

2. Chrysanthemum Throne is the Throne of the Japanese


Rahul Paul -- 2
Sanandan --- 1
Abhimanyu --- 2

The next couple of nuggets will be posted in a couple of hours.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Trivial Pursuit #11

Trivial Pursuit is back after a week or so ---( long weekend syndrome)

1.Only 17 worldwide fatalities due to StingRay attack have been recorded . Of this only one is believed to have been caught on film. Who was the person whose death by a Sting Ray was captured on film?

2.The throne of which country is called the Chrysanthemum Throne?

more questions over the weekend.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Answers to Trivial Pursuit #10

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1. Penguin Publications. Allen Lane was returning after a weekend with Agatha Christie(Pic 1) when he was stranded on the Exeter Station with no book to read. That's when it occurred to him that a line of books at the cost of 6 pence could make a world of difference. This marked the birth of Penguin publications and the Penguincubator(pic 3) which was a book vending machine installed at stations.

2. Kilroy of the "Kilroy was here" grafitti fame.

Trivial Pursuits #10

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1. Connect the following pictiures

2. Chile:Sapo::UK:Chad::Australia:Foo::US:??

Similar to the anology Hindi:Chai::English:Tea.(This is just an Example)

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Answers to Trivial Pursuit #9

1. Top Gun is the codename

2. This is the flag of Asturia. You can find this flag being waved where Alonso has a following coz he is from Asturia. I think it is also the on his helmet design these days


Rohan DSouza --- 1

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Trivial Pursuits #9

1. It was established as United States Navy Fighter Weapons School on march 3rd 1969 at Miramar, California. It was later renamed as U.S. Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor (SFTI) course. Most people however know this place by its codename. What is the codename?

2.Id the flag

Hint: Fernando Alonso

Answers to Trivial Pursuit #8

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1. The connection is Tom Monaghan the founder of Dominos Pizza.

The first logo is that of the Detroit Tigers. Tom was once the owner of the MLB club.

The second --- Dominos ---- he was the founder

The third is an example of a prairie house. The concept of prairie house was propelled by Frank Lloyd Wright and Tom being a fan of FLW created the headquarters of Dominos Pizza as a slightly enlarged version of the prairie house.

2. The building is the Chrysler Tower.

The next set of questions will be sent in the net couple of hours.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Trivial Pursuit #8

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1. Connect the following.

2. This is an easy one. Identify the building

Answers to Trivial Pursuit #7

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1. Andrew Wiles was presented with the silver plaque for solving the Fermat's Last Theorem

2. The logo is that of the Awaami League in Bangladesh

3. The person who connects is Kamal Haasan. Barry Fitzgerald was nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for the same movie. This was the only instance in the oscars. A similar event happened in the FilmFare awards when Kamal was nominated for both the Best Actor and the Best supporting Actor for Sagar.

4. This is Jorge Valdano( Argentinian Footballer) talking about Riquelme.

The next set of questions will be posted in a couple of hours. Keep sending your comments to the mail id

Answers to Trivial Pursuit #6

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1. Fred the baker is the name of the character. The company is Dunkin Donuts

2. Clyde Walcott - one of the 3 W's of West Indies Cricket

3. The song by a British artist that topped the US charts before James Blunt's track was Elton John's Candle in the Wind.

4. The graphic novel is V for Vendetta

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Trivial Pursuit #7

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The answers of the previous edition and todays edition would be posted tomorrow.

1. In 1998 , he was presented a silver plaque by the chair of the Fields Medal Committee - Yuri Manin. It was the first ever International Mathematics Union Silver plaque that was given. To whom was it given and for what reason?

2. Id the logo

3. if x:y::X:Y

Following this analogy connect these pictures

Barry Fitzgerald : Oscar statue

:: ________________ : Filmfare Awards

4. "If we have to travel from point A to point B most of us would take the six-lane highway and get there as quickly as possible. He would choose the winding mountain road, the beautiful scenic route which takes him six hours instead of two."

Who said this about whom?

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