Saturday, December 05, 2009

Aima Quiz 2009 Chennai Questions and Review

A few questions from the prelims of the AIMA quiz

1. Satyam, Sharam, Scandalam -- Who ran this ad?


2. Showed the picture of a green and purple train -- Non Stop Air Conditioned from city to city -- what is the name of this train?


3. Cineblitz cover -- With which Airline would you connect this magazine


4. Google Doodle of the 40th year of Moon Landing -- ID

5. Complete the tagline --- There are somethings money can buy -- for everything else there is -----------------


6. Q5,Q7,TT,R8 are brands of which automobile company?


7. Pic of Devi Shetty

8. Pic of Arvind jaadhav

9. Pic of Lord Megnad Desai

10. Territorial Army's Lieutenant --- South Indian Actor -- Who?

Mohan Lal

11.Who will be replacing David Backham as the Global Ambassador of Motoralo for a contract of 23 Crores?


12. CISF Logo shown -- which Indian Private company is the first company to get protection from this agency?

Infosys is whose website?


14. Snow Leopard is the new OS from which company?


15. Connect Ruchi, Chinni, Maa , Coty?


Had participated in last years quiz and had been on stage last year -- but was totally disheartened by the cheesy presentation and the "either you know it or you don't know it" questions.

Due to shift in companies -- Didn't participate in quiz (the quiz entry fee was 6k) and sat peacefully in the audience and started attempting the questions. Half way through the quiz , I realized that the same cheesy presentation had to be endured this year as well. However the questions were surprisingly decent. In fact didn't mind sitting thru the quiz.

The cutoff for the prelims was 19 on 30 -- And I think CTS with Shubham Roy and Venkatesh NA topped the prelims with 26. A relatively easy prelims but kept everyone interested.

Just a couple of things that the quizmaster probably have to take care

-- The Length of the quiz -- With just 5 round of quizzing -- the quiz is extremely short and is totally unfair to the participants who spend 6k for the quiz. The quiz should definitely be longer.

-- The Scoring system -- Was extremely skewed -- having 20 points in one round and 10 points for each buzzer basically ensures that you win the quiz -- if you are awake through just two rounds.

Questions in rounds 1 and 3 in the finals ( the Bonus round and Killer Fields Round) might give immense pleasure to the QM but if the questions are archane -- it is pure luck -- not quizzing.
Especially in the Killer Fields round -- after the grids for the first four teams , I think the 5th and 6th teams were stunned to get lists that you wont get even if you mugged.

Overall a better show compared to last year with respect to the questions -- but a lot of improvement is still possible.