Saturday, November 21, 2009

Review of Inspiron 2009 -- UVCE Quiz

The day started with two petrol heads meeting at Thirumangalam at 5:15 in the morning. A nice peaceful drive saw Anish and I reach Bangalore by 9:45 -- well ahead of the scheduled time for the quiz. Having had breakfast we decided to sit down for the quiz , when the organizers decided to hold two events Biz Wiz and the corporate quiz at the same time. Corporate Quizzers found themselves in a lecture hall while the quiz was about to begin in a quadrangular. After that little hiccup everyone turned up again at the quadrangular and the prelims went thru. Slisha on the tough side but there were enough clues in each question.

Some prelims questions

1.What two words connect Yes Bank and Karnataka Bank?

Money Plant

2. Gave the conditions put forward by the depart ment of enterprises to determins something -- final score had to be atleast 60

These were the conditions to determine if a PSU was a Navaratna or not

3.Freaks ,Irregulars, Defects, Oddities -- where would you encounter these?

These are defective coins

4. Who makes the trophies for the Vince Lombardi Trophy(NFL), NBA , World Series ( MLB)?


5.Steve Jobs in his book iCon had mentioned about these 4 people as the inspirational model for business -- although four different personalites -- they pulled in the same direction as a team. Who?

The Beatles

6.Funda about Red Ocean and Blue Ocean Strategy.

7. Whose next book is The Little Big Things , 179 more ways of Pursuing Excellence

Tom Peters

8. VSS mani started this company, when he got a telephone line from MTNL etc etc... what company which calls itself the no. 1 in its space?

Just Dial

9. Connect Steve Jobs and Rashmi Bansal

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

10.Steven Speilberg Colloborated with this company for the realism of intimate.... (couldnt get it fully). Which company and what technology?

Telepresence by Cisco

The finals had some really good teams JK+Kid , Udupa+Ajay , Vinod Rajamani+Tanmay , Apu + Tups , Naveen Giles + Team , Nikhil Lasrado + Team. A very nice finals , but the only grouse was that it was a bit of a hurricane final. The organisers really need to know about scheduling events. Mitesh had to rush through the finals , in order to not reduce the number of rounds. Otherwise the questions were really nice and was good fun. The day ended with a nice drive down to Chennai.

Bottom line -- A great Trip , a Good Quiz , and Bad scheduling and organizing by college.

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