Monday, January 31, 2011

IQL India Open Quiz 2011

India Unplugged 2011 is back and back with a bang. We are hosting 2 quizzes this year. One for the school students and the Annual Open Quiz. 

Quiz 1: India Unplugged – Juniors (Open School Students Quiz)

Teams of 3 (Mixed School Teams are allowed)

Registration starts at 9 AM and Prelim will start at 10 AM

6 Teams on stage. No registration fees.

Attractive cash prizes for Winners and Runners

Quiz 2: India Unplugged Open 2011 (Open Quiz)

Teams of 3

Registration starts from 9 AM and Prelim will start at 2 PM

6 Teams on stage. Rs.150 registration fees for all the teams irrespective of Open, School or College Teams

Attractive cash prizes for Winners and Runners


Tattvaloka Auditorium, Eldams Road, Alwarpet, Chennai

For more details:

Sunday, January 30, 2011

HTNI #31


The Bell of the "Tease" can be found in this building. What is this building and what is the most famous artifact inside it?

Answer to Previous Question

The Cat Concerto ( Tom & Jerry)

Sourabh, appuchin , vidya get it right.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

IBM: The Great Minds Tech Quiz -- Bhubaneshwar Prelims

Below are the questions from the Prelims of the Bhubaneshwar Leg of the IBM: The Great Minds Tech Quiz. These questions have been shared by Rohit Nair and his team. Thanks for sharing

IBM: The Great Minds Tech Quiz -- Pune Prelims

Below are the questions from the Prelims of the Pune Leg of the IBM: The Great Minds Tech Quiz. Thanks to Rohit Nair for taking the time out to share the prelims

Thursday, January 20, 2011

CQC Open Quiz 2011

Coimbatore Quiz Circle is back with the second edition of "The Chennai Silks CQC Open Quiz" -- 2011

Date: Feb 5, 2011 (Saturday)

Time: 9.30 am – 1.30 pm (School Quizzes)

2.00 pm Open Quiz

Venue: Kikani High School auditorium, Brooke Bond Road, Coimbatore.

Prize Money: INR 70,000 in total

Send in your confirmations to

For more details contact :

Arjun Mohan - +919944709086


Aditya - +919894109380

HTNI #30


What starts with a Rhapsody composed in 1847 and dedicated to count Laszlo Teleki , moves on to Atchison , Topeka and the Santa Fe -- a 1946 song by Judy Garland -- and finishes with the playing of a scale?

Answer to previous question

Meerkat -- Vidya, Ramkumar , Divya , appuchin and sourabh get it right.

IBM: The Great Minds Tech Quiz


QuizWorks in partnership with IBM's The Great Mind Challenge brings to you India's first National Level Tech Quiz for Engineering Students The Great Minds Tech Quiz.

The Great Minds Tech Quiz will be held in 4 cities with a National final later during the year. The cities and venue partners are mentioned below:

Pune:                  24th January 2011:  Indira College of Engineering & Management, Pune

Bhubaneshwar:    25th January 2011:  Gandhi Engineering College, Bhubaneshwar

Chennai:              27th January 2011:  Dr M.G.R Educational and Research Institute, Chennai

Bangalore:           28th January 2011:  Dayanand Sagar Institution, Bangalore

More details about The Great Minds Tech Quiz can be found here: also running two online quizzes on 20th and 21st January 2011 . Pls register for the same here:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tata Crucible Collection - Part XI

1. Inspired by success of Disneyland- Angus wyne started these amusement parks in 1961- NYSE ticker SIX?

2. Which south Indian Actor owns production company Leukos?

3. Which product first made by Joseph Lawrence & Jordon Lambert as a medicine in 1879 is now available in flavors like original, fresh, cool mint, natural?

4. Which Wrigley Brand first made during reign of King George 3 was sold as 'orginal celeberated curiosuly' strong mints?

5. Identify the Logo

6. Identify this person

7. Which auto giant calls it fuel efficient models as 'Blue motion'?

8. With which racquet manufacturer does Maria Sharapova hold a life long endorsement deal?

9. Which character was Japan's first ever Anime ambassador?

10. Which huge selling generic product gets its name from the French word for Twice cooked?


1. Six Flags
2. R. Madhavan
3. Listerine Mouthwash
4. Altoids
5. Playboy
6. K V Kamath
7. Volkswagen
8. Prince
9. Doremon
10. Biscuit

Tata Crucible 2009 Preps
Tata Crucible 2010 Preps
Rest of the Tata Crucible Collection

HTNI #29

Timon , a character in the Lion King is a small mammal that belongs to the mongoose family. The name for this species is a loanword from Afrikaans and is a dutch word meaning “Lake Cat”, but these animals neither belong to the cat family nor are they attracted to lakes. It is therefore considered that it might be an adaptation of a derivative of the Sanskrit word meaning monkey. What is the name of this creature?

Answer to Previous Question

Only ND got it... We would have heard the music recently in the airtel ads.

Landmark Pune 2011

The First Landmark Quiz of the year!!!!
The date for the quiz is the 22nd Jan, 2011 and its happening at Nehru Memorial Hall, Moledina road, Pune

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HTNI #28

This is a question from a quiz that I recently attended.

Where would you have recently heard a piano piece by Ludovico Einaudi called I Giorni?

Answer to Previous Question

As Sourabh 'succintly' put it -- "Watson, named after IBM's founder, Thomas J. Watson, is an artificial intelligence program developed by IBM designed to answer questions posed in natural language. It has been developed as part of the DeepQA research project.It is scheduled to compete on the television quiz show Jeopardy! as a test of its abilities; the competition will be aired in three Jeopardy! episodes running from February 14–16, 2011."

Tezeshwar, Sourabh , Appuchin , Kaushik get it right.

Check out this clip of Watson going up against humans in a mock up.

Tata Crucible Collection - Part X

1. Which company says "We are the ones who encourage copying" ?

2. The Marriage of 2 sisters-- Olivia & Elizabeth--was extremely important in the world of business as their respective husbands created a mighty conglomerate Who?

3. Found in 1936 by D. Mehra at College Street Kolkata with 2 slim volume of Bong Poems. Logo was designed by Satyajit Ray. Which Company?

4. Which search engine was found by Anand Rajaram and Venky Narayanan?

5. Identify the Logo

6. Identify this person

7. Which was the first company to put nutritional info on its products?

8. What does the MH in LVMH stand for?

9. Rabbit head is the logo of which famous media company?

10. How do we better know the Joint Venture between Tata Sons and Volkart Brothers?


1. Xerox
2. Procter and Gamble
3. Rupa Publishing
4. Kosmix
5. GoodYear
6. Deepak Parekh
7. Kellogs
8. Moet and Hennessey
9. Playboy
10. Voltas

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tata Crucible Collection - Part IX

1. Which was the first UK Retail store to earn a revenue of 1 Billion pound a year?

2. Id the person

3. This phrase originated in a newsletter published by Arlene and Jose Ramos.  It  was  created  for  the  emerging  pre-press  industry  going electronic in the late 1970s.  After 3 years of  publishing,  the newsletter was sold to employees at  the Stanford Research Institute in California. What phrase are we talking about?

4. Identify the logo

5. The Ever-Ready mechanical pencil was created by this company. The name of the company bears a relation to this product of theirs too. Which Company?

6. This Nintendo character got its name from a certain landlord named Mr  Segale,  who once barged into a company meeting at  its US office demanding outstanding rent. Which character?

7. This medicinal cream which was extracted from the tea of the witchhazel had properties to heal small cuts and ailments. Which brand did this discovery finally evolve into

8. S S Goenka, founder of Peurotronics, set up a software business in 1986 that gave the world this Indian software. What software?

9. Stan Shih & a group of university friends founded Multitech in 1976, becoming one of the pioneers of Taiwan Industry. How do we know it today?

10. Co.'s primary product was underwear before moving into sportswear in 1970, initially endorsement was done by tennis player Bjorn Borg. Which Company?

1. Marks and Spencers
2. Sumantra Ghoshal
4. Commonwealth Bank
5. Sharp
6. Mario
7. Ponds
8. Tally
9. Acer
10. FILA

Tata Crucible 2009 Preps
Tata Crucible 2010 Preps
Other parts of the Compendium

Saturday, January 15, 2011

HTNI #27

Why would one of the products developed as part of DeepQA research project be in news between Feb 14-16 2011? (hint: Most quizzers should get this :))

Answer to previous question

Archie Manning and Ole Miss -- Mississippi. The speed limit at the oxford campus is set to 18 Miles per hour. His two superbowl winning sons' are Peyton Manning and Eli Manning.  Respectful Disagreement and Sourabh get it right.

Tata Crucible Collection: Part VIII

1) Hormuzd sorabjee , son of former solicitor general of India Mr Soli Sorabjee , is the founder of which auto magazine

2) The name of which channel means “The Peninsula”?

3) How do we better know the Vishnu Industries & Chemical Corporation?

4) Which Brand's logo is this?

5) My final book ‘The new Economics for Industry, Government, Education’ in 1993 included the System of Profound Knowledge. Who am I?

6)  This confectionery brand was named after a village near Nasik, where its factory was originally located. Which company are we talking about?

7) Identify the logo

8)  This motorcycle company entered the American market in 1963. The song by the name  Little _____ by the band The Beach Boys even pays tribute to its motorcycles. Which famous company are we talking about?

9)  Robert Townsend created a three-word ad campaign which went on to become very popular in the transportation industry. What?

10) After  starting  the  mining  company  named  Compagnie  de Commentry-Fourchambeau-Decazeville, this man went on to develop his own concept of administration, 14 principles of which are explained in his book  Administration  industrielle  et  générale is  widely  considered  a foundational work in classical management theory. Whom are we talking about?


1) Autocar
2) Al Jazeera
4) Walkman
5) Edward Deming
6) Ravelgaon
7) Apollo Hospitals
8) Honda
9) We Try Harder
10) Henri Fayol

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tata Crucible Collection -- Part VII

1)Name the brand of liqour, that was introduced in 1879 by Lars Olsson Smith from Ahus.

2)Which bank claims to be “The Banker to Every Indian”?

3) Which Finnish software engineer claims that he is half "Nobel-prize-winning chemist" and half "blanket-carrying cartoon character"?

4) Identify this person

5) Identify the logo

6) Who wrote the book Straight From The Gut?

7) Zloty is the currency of which country?

8) Frito Lays, Quaker Oats, Gatorade are all owned by which company?

9) This term coined by Gifferd and Elizabeth gives the description of an employee who contributes to the business success of the organisation and innovation culture?

10) Term was coined in 18th century – comes from the French word of quarter master – extensively used in military management

1) ABSOLUT Vodka
2) SBI
3) Linus Torvalds
4) Al Ries
5) Bharat Electronics Limited
6) Jack Welch
7) Poland
8) Pepsi
9) Intrapreneur
10) Logistics

Tata Crucible 2009 Preps
Tata Crucible 2010 Preps

Tata Crucible Collection -- Part VI

1)Which watch brand is advertised with slogan "it takes a licking and keeps ticking"?

2)Who was the financial advisor to Arnold Schwazenegger when he stood for the California Governor's post?

3) what word did Jayram Ramesh coin in the world of economics?

4) Which company's logo is this?

5) Who is this person and which company did he co-found?

6) This name of this brand of clothing is believed to describe the  generational differences between Baby boomers and their parents. Which brand?

7) Ngultrum is the currency of which country?

8) Which company built the Lotus Temple in Delhi and the Bridge on the River Kwai?

9) Which Pepsi brand was originally marketed as “zero proof moonshine” and had pictures of hillbillies on the bottle until 1973?

10) What was established on April 1 , 1935 on the recommendations of the Hilton Young Commision?

1) Timex
2) Warren Buffett
3) Chindia
4) Renault
5) Steve Wozniak , Apple
6) GAP
7) Bhutan
8) Larsen And Toubro
9) Mountain Dew
10) Reserve Bank of India

HTNI #26

The Speed limit on the campus is set to 18 Miles per hour in honor of its most famous quarterback. He is however more famous these days as the father of two Superbowl winning Quarterbacks. Who is he and in which campus would you find this speed Limit?

Answer to previous question

Shaquille O neal was the conductor of the Boston Pops. Anantha , Tezeshwar , Quzzerix , sourabh got it right.

CEAT Quiz 2011

The CEAT Open Quiz, 2011 is back. 
Date: Jan 26th 2011
City: Chennai
Venue: Tapovan Hall, Chinmaya Heritage Centre, No.2, 13th Avenue,
Harrington Road, Chetput
Time: Be seated by 2:00 PM . Prelims will begin at 2:30 PM
Finals: 4:30 PM (Top 8 teams from the prelims make it to the finals)
No registrations required. First come first seated.
Format: Open quiz with teams of 3
Attractive CASH prizes for top three teams!
1st Prize: Rs. 18,000
2nd Prize: Rs. 15,000
3rd Prize: Rs. 12,000
All finalists will be awarded Rs.1500 per team.
Best College Team & Best School Team Prizes
Quiz Research: Praveen Goday, Gopal Kidao, Diwakar Pingle & Rajiv Rai and friends.

Tata Crucible Collection -- Part V

1)In 1982, an accountant named Ramachandran was carrying out chemical trading for his clients, when he was left with unpaid bills and unutilized stock. What company did he create to utilize the chemicals that he was in possession of?

2)In 1997, an Indian entrepreneur convinced Antoine Bagche from Vienna to invest in his ‘bread business’ in India, thus creating a well-known brand in the food business. Which one?

3) Identify this person

4) She is the daughter of a famous Real Estate investor and is an heir to his legacy. Who is this person?

5) It was founded in 1927 by Americans Bennett Cerf, Christopher Coombes and Donald Klopfer. they are the world’s largest English-language general trade book publishers.

6) Which Soap is named after Turkish Community bathrooms?

7) When Introduced introduced in 1890, It is nicknamed as ‘Old Smoky’, ‘Sizzling Sally’, ‘Yellow Mama’… What?

8) Which word in business is derived from ‘The fruit of Carob’?

9) Which retail company founded by Otto Bershem has the tagline "Spirit of Commerce"?

10) Which alumni of Osmania Univeristy and co founder of Pictra India replaced Bruce Chizen at Adobe as its CEO?


1) Jyothi Laboratories
2) Pizza Corner
3) C.B.Bhave
4) Ivanka Trump
5) Random House
6) Hamam
7) The Electric Chair
8) Carat
9) Metro AG
10) Shantanu Narayanan

All the other parts in this compendium

Tata Crucible Collection -- Part IV

1) In 2009 SunPharma replaced which company on the BSE Sensex?

2) Identify this Media man

3) Kasturi & Sons are the parent company behind which famous newspaper?

4) “Better Sound Through Research" is the motto of which company?

5) What term comes from the Latin phrase meaning “course of life”?

6)  In 1925, an architect named Arthur Heineman designed something that started of a new concept in the travel and hospitality business. What?

7) Name the mascot and which company's mascot is he?

8) Which company that has a large base at coimbatore was originally part of Dun&Bradstreet?

9) Which channel was a long time sponsor of Lance Armstrong and shark week is one of its most popular show?

10) What is the name of the IRS (Indian Remote Sensing) image portal by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in competition to Google Earth?

1) Satyam
2) Ted Turner
3) The Hindu
5) Curriculum Vitae
6) The First Motel
7) Tux the penguin for Linux
8) Cognizant
9) Discovery
10) Bhuvan

Tata Crucible 2009 Preps
Tata Crucible 2010 Preps

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tata Crucible Collection -- Part III

1) Which product was Pfizer’s biggest product in 1880 due to the high usage in cola drinks?

2) Whose New Logo is this?

3) Roteiro the UEFA ball by Adidas is named after the memoirs of whom?

4) The founder of which brand, now a part of P&G, once said, ''I have done more than anyone else to change the face of mankind''?

5) Identify this business man

6) 'Better Pizza through quality and innovation" is the motto of which company?

7) Which was the first Indian movie of which Singapore Airlines bought rights to broadcast it in the plane?

8) Which Indian was the richest man in the world in 1937 and appeared on the cover of Time magazine?

9) Which international voluntary organization was founded by the present French minister for foreign affairs Bernard Kouchner?

10) In the mid 40s I signed on for the Blue Books three month modelling course and was hired by Holga Steel (for some host party i think). Who am I?

1) Citric Acid
2) Murugappa Group
3) Vasco Da Gama
4) Gillete
5) Venu Srinivasan -- TVS Group
6) Pizza Corner
7) Sivaji The Boss
8) Nizam of Hyderabad
9) Docters without Borders
10) Marilyn Monroe

Tata Crucible Collection -- Part II

1) In 2000, With which film maker did Lego Team up to create the movie maker set?

2) United Artists was founded by D. W. Griffith, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and who else?

3) What was established in 1972 by Air France “to provide a home away from home for its customers.”

4) Identify this famous Management Guru

5) Identify the logo

6) Which Brand from the Frito Lays Stable , gets its name from the Spanish word for "Little bits of Gold"?

7) Who heads the Music Record Label -- SICO?

8) Tic Tac is a brand from which major Confectionary Company?

9) Which brands vision is “to organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful"?

10) What Word is used to describe a market that is neither Bullish nor Bearish?


1) Steven Spielberg
2) Charlie Chaplin
3) Le Meridien
4) Ram Charan
5) Natwest Bank Logo
6) Doritos
8) Ferrero Rocher
9) Google
10) Chicken Market

2009 Preps series 
2010 Preps Series

Tata Crucible Collection -- Part I

Inspired by Ravi Handa’s Best of Tata Crucible PDFs, I am posting a set of questions that were asked in Tata Crucible since the year it started -- 2004. This is a collation of all the material that I have been able to find on the net from 2005 and from the quizzes that I attended in 2004.  Since the quiz is highly visuals based, the compilation also includes the logos, CEOs etc that are still relevant.

Set 1

1.       Which word in the current business world what is derived from latin for “patere” meaning to lay open?
2.       Fundamental principal of any economic activity is that no man you transact with lose,then you will not.
This is from the work from the PM of Mauryan empire. Which book?
3.       In 1932 which newspaper was started as Free press journal and the founder delivered the newspapers himself by van?
4.       In the range of sunglasses, what does M in MDG stand for , if DG stand for Dolce & Gabbana?
5.       Who accepted the Webby awards in 2009 with the speech-‘Every character counts. Thank you.’
6.       Which was the first product in India to review a Geographical Indicator Status?
7.       Identify the Logo

8.       Who is this and which company’s CEO is he?

9.       What in USA originally stretch from Trinity Church to East river?
10.   Which Person famous in the world of Advertising created the logo for MRF Tyres?



1.       Patent
2.       Arthashastra – by Chanakya
3.       The Indian Express
4.       Madonna
5.       Jack Dorsey of Twitter
6.       Darjeeling Tea
7.       Pontiac
8.       Frank D’Souza – Cognizant
9.       Wall Street
10.   Alyque Padamsee

Sunday, January 02, 2011

HTNI #25

HTNI reaches its quarter century today.. Do leave any feedback that you have about the series in the comments section.

Question 25.....
As part of the holiday season in Boston, on the 20th of December , introduced as Maestro Shamrock , he made his debut as the conductor leading the Boston Pops Orchestra and Tanglewood Festival Chorus at the Holiday Pops Concert. Starting with the christmas staple of "Sleigh Ride" and finishing with Queen's we are the Champions, who conducted this session?

Answer to previous question.

As expected lot of you got it right... It is Thalaivar Rajnikant's puch dialogues which are used as a tool to explain the concepts in the book. and the book is Rajni's punch tantra. Sriram Mohan(a.k.a Ramki) , Ashwin , Vidya , Anubhav Chaterjee , Sourabh and kaushik get it right. Nice job folks.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Business Quizzes Index

Tata Crucible

Ran a prep series before the 2009 corporate quiz and the 2010 corporate quiz as well.

Tata Crucible 2009 Preps

Tata Crucible 2010 Preps


Coverage of the quizzes at Mumbai , Delhi and chennai + the Infosys eliminations

Mitesh Quizzes

UVCE 2010

IBS 2010

This post can be reached through the navigation menu below the header as well in the Biz Preps Section.

HTNI #24

Written by Raja Krishnamoorthy , a director at TalentMaximus and P C Balasubramaniam , a chartered accountant , who founded Matrix Business Services India Pvt Ltd, a leading Verification Company in the country, the book deals with management mantras in corporate as well as daily life settings, highlighting their relevance across the spectrum of Governance, Motivation, Leadership, Commitment, Foresight, Social Responsibility, Value, Timelines, Quality, Reputation, Sharing, Selflessness. A foreword presented by Seshasayee of Ashok Leyland , what does the book use as 'a tool' to explain these concepts? And what is the name of the book?

Answer to previous question

The Hundred Guilder Print -- Dinesh , Divya , Kaushik , Ramki , Anubhav Chaterjee , Sourabh got it right.