Monday, January 17, 2011

Tata Crucible Collection - Part IX

1. Which was the first UK Retail store to earn a revenue of 1 Billion pound a year?

2. Id the person

3. This phrase originated in a newsletter published by Arlene and Jose Ramos.  It  was  created  for  the  emerging  pre-press  industry  going electronic in the late 1970s.  After 3 years of  publishing,  the newsletter was sold to employees at  the Stanford Research Institute in California. What phrase are we talking about?

4. Identify the logo

5. The Ever-Ready mechanical pencil was created by this company. The name of the company bears a relation to this product of theirs too. Which Company?

6. This Nintendo character got its name from a certain landlord named Mr  Segale,  who once barged into a company meeting at  its US office demanding outstanding rent. Which character?

7. This medicinal cream which was extracted from the tea of the witchhazel had properties to heal small cuts and ailments. Which brand did this discovery finally evolve into

8. S S Goenka, founder of Peurotronics, set up a software business in 1986 that gave the world this Indian software. What software?

9. Stan Shih & a group of university friends founded Multitech in 1976, becoming one of the pioneers of Taiwan Industry. How do we know it today?

10. Co.'s primary product was underwear before moving into sportswear in 1970, initially endorsement was done by tennis player Bjorn Borg. Which Company?

1. Marks and Spencers
2. Sumantra Ghoshal
4. Commonwealth Bank
5. Sharp
6. Mario
7. Ponds
8. Tally
9. Acer
10. FILA

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