Friday, January 14, 2011

Tata Crucible Collection -- Part V

1)In 1982, an accountant named Ramachandran was carrying out chemical trading for his clients, when he was left with unpaid bills and unutilized stock. What company did he create to utilize the chemicals that he was in possession of?

2)In 1997, an Indian entrepreneur convinced Antoine Bagche from Vienna to invest in his ‘bread business’ in India, thus creating a well-known brand in the food business. Which one?

3) Identify this person

4) She is the daughter of a famous Real Estate investor and is an heir to his legacy. Who is this person?

5) It was founded in 1927 by Americans Bennett Cerf, Christopher Coombes and Donald Klopfer. they are the world’s largest English-language general trade book publishers.

6) Which Soap is named after Turkish Community bathrooms?

7) When Introduced introduced in 1890, It is nicknamed as ‘Old Smoky’, ‘Sizzling Sally’, ‘Yellow Mama’… What?

8) Which word in business is derived from ‘The fruit of Carob’?

9) Which retail company founded by Otto Bershem has the tagline "Spirit of Commerce"?

10) Which alumni of Osmania Univeristy and co founder of Pictra India replaced Bruce Chizen at Adobe as its CEO?


1) Jyothi Laboratories
2) Pizza Corner
3) C.B.Bhave
4) Ivanka Trump
5) Random House
6) Hamam
7) The Electric Chair
8) Carat
9) Metro AG
10) Shantanu Narayanan

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