Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tata Crucible Collection - Part XI

1. Inspired by success of Disneyland- Angus wyne started these amusement parks in 1961- NYSE ticker SIX?

2. Which south Indian Actor owns production company Leukos?

3. Which product first made by Joseph Lawrence & Jordon Lambert as a medicine in 1879 is now available in flavors like original, fresh, cool mint, natural?

4. Which Wrigley Brand first made during reign of King George 3 was sold as 'orginal celeberated curiosuly' strong mints?

5. Identify the Logo

6. Identify this person

7. Which auto giant calls it fuel efficient models as 'Blue motion'?

8. With which racquet manufacturer does Maria Sharapova hold a life long endorsement deal?

9. Which character was Japan's first ever Anime ambassador?

10. Which huge selling generic product gets its name from the French word for Twice cooked?


1. Six Flags
2. R. Madhavan
3. Listerine Mouthwash
4. Altoids
5. Playboy
6. K V Kamath
7. Volkswagen
8. Prince
9. Doremon
10. Biscuit

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