Sunday, January 30, 2011

HTNI #31

The Bell of the "Tease" can be found in this building. What is this building and what is the most famous artifact inside it?

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The Cat Concerto ( Tom & Jerry)

Sourabh, appuchin , vidya get it right.


Vishnu said...

Lloyd's building

sourabh said...

Lloyd's, also known as Lloyd's of London, is a British insurance and reinsurance market. In the great Underwriting Room of Lloyd's stands the Lutine Bell, which was struck when the fate of a ship “overdue” at its destination port became known. If the ship was safe, the bell would be rung twice; if it had sunk, the bell would be rung once. (This had the practical purpose of immediately stopping the sale or purchase of “overdue” reinsurance on that vessel.) Now it is only rung for ceremonial purposes, such as the visit of a distinguished guest (two rings), or for the annual Remembrance Day service and anniversaries of major world events (one ring).

appuchin said...

lutine bell
lloyd's building