Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tata Crucible Collection -- Part III

1) Which product was Pfizer’s biggest product in 1880 due to the high usage in cola drinks?

2) Whose New Logo is this?

3) Roteiro the UEFA ball by Adidas is named after the memoirs of whom?

4) The founder of which brand, now a part of P&G, once said, ''I have done more than anyone else to change the face of mankind''?

5) Identify this business man

6) 'Better Pizza through quality and innovation" is the motto of which company?

7) Which was the first Indian movie of which Singapore Airlines bought rights to broadcast it in the plane?

8) Which Indian was the richest man in the world in 1937 and appeared on the cover of Time magazine?

9) Which international voluntary organization was founded by the present French minister for foreign affairs Bernard Kouchner?

10) In the mid 40s I signed on for the Blue Books three month modelling course and was hired by Holga Steel (for some host party i think). Who am I?

1) Citric Acid
2) Murugappa Group
3) Vasco Da Gama
4) Gillete
5) Venu Srinivasan -- TVS Group
6) Pizza Corner
7) Sivaji The Boss
8) Nizam of Hyderabad
9) Docters without Borders
10) Marilyn Monroe

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