Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tata Crucible Collection: Part VIII

1) Hormuzd sorabjee , son of former solicitor general of India Mr Soli Sorabjee , is the founder of which auto magazine

2) The name of which channel means “The Peninsula”?

3) How do we better know the Vishnu Industries & Chemical Corporation?

4) Which Brand's logo is this?

5) My final book ‘The new Economics for Industry, Government, Education’ in 1993 included the System of Profound Knowledge. Who am I?

6)  This confectionery brand was named after a village near Nasik, where its factory was originally located. Which company are we talking about?

7) Identify the logo

8)  This motorcycle company entered the American market in 1963. The song by the name  Little _____ by the band The Beach Boys even pays tribute to its motorcycles. Which famous company are we talking about?

9)  Robert Townsend created a three-word ad campaign which went on to become very popular in the transportation industry. What?

10) After  starting  the  mining  company  named  Compagnie  de Commentry-Fourchambeau-Decazeville, this man went on to develop his own concept of administration, 14 principles of which are explained in his book  Administration  industrielle  et  générale is  widely  considered  a foundational work in classical management theory. Whom are we talking about?


1) Autocar
2) Al Jazeera
4) Walkman
5) Edward Deming
6) Ravelgaon
7) Apollo Hospitals
8) Honda
9) We Try Harder
10) Henri Fayol

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