Friday, May 16, 2008

2 Questions a Day v1.2

Introduced in 1979 by Thomas C Hanks and Hiroo Kanamori as a successor to the Richter scale , this scale is used by seismologists to compare the energy released by earthquakes. What is this scale?

Moment Magnitude Scale.

Red Army troops adopted the nickname from Mikhail Isakovsky's popular wartime song, about a girl longing for her absent beloved, who is away performing military service.[2] It is the Russian equivalent of "Katie", an endearing diminutive form of the name Katherine Viktor Suvorov states in his book "Inside the Soviet Army" that the rocket launcher got the name because the soldiers didn't know its real name as it was secret, so they nicknamed her after a small K letter inscribed on the vehicles. The K actually stands for Kominform factory in Voronezh. German troops coined the sobriquet Stalin organ (German: Stalinorgel), after Soviet leader Joseph Stalin and also alluding to the sound of the weapon's rockets.What is the name?(source Wiki)

Katyusha -- The rocket that was fired at the Israeli City of Ashqelon by the Popular Front of the Liberation of Palastine recently

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two a day - 1.1

1.Known as the road to Mandalay during Colonial times , it is believed to get its name from the sanskrit Name Iravati or from her son Airavata - the elephant mount of Indra.Whatizzit?

Ayeyarwady River -- recently in news because of the devastating effect caused by the river's storm surge during Cyclone Nargis.

2.HP spun off a small company named Dynec - which specialized in digital equipment. Dynec was then renamed Dymec and was again folded back into HP. But what was the reason for pickying Dynec as the name of the company?

HP could use the same logo for Dynec by just turning it around. This would ensure that they didn't spendon creating a new brand etc.

A Noble Operation

What was the name of the operation in which two Indian Navy ships and two Indian Air force aircraft supplied relief material to Myanmar after Cyclone Nargis?

Operation Sahayata

Chinese mountainous province?

The present name of the province is an abbreviation of the Chinese word for 'Four Circuits of rivers' which is also abbreviated from Chuānxiá Sìlù - meaning Four circuits of rivers and gorges.

Sichuan -- The province in which the earthquake hit recently

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What is the product?

Which open source software product gets is name from the English spelling of the Swahili word that means ' all together' or 'as a whole'?

Joomla -- This is an open source Content Management system and is a result of a fork from the company Mambo