Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two a day - 1.1

1.Known as the road to Mandalay during Colonial times , it is believed to get its name from the sanskrit Name Iravati or from her son Airavata - the elephant mount of Indra.Whatizzit?

Ayeyarwady River -- recently in news because of the devastating effect caused by the river's storm surge during Cyclone Nargis.

2.HP spun off a small company named Dynec - which specialized in digital equipment. Dynec was then renamed Dymec and was again folded back into HP. But what was the reason for pickying Dynec as the name of the company?

HP could use the same logo for Dynec by just turning it around. This would ensure that they didn't spendon creating a new brand etc.

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The Baby Gag said...

I love a good ambigram! Have you seen the book Wordplay?

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