Friday, December 24, 2010

Prelims: IBS QuizBowl By Mitesh Agarwal

IBS Business Quiz by Mitesh

A few questions from the quiz that Mitesh Agarwal did at IBS earlier this week. One of the best quizzes that I have attended through the year.

The prelims had 30 questions with a SVC built in. Some questions had 2 points -- I believe the total points on offer were 35/36.

Q1. Which word is derived from the Portugese word meaning "to Pay" ?

Q2. What is happening in this picture?

Q3. Which TV show on Indian television is the longest running show on any satellite TV in India?

Q4. This Television network's name is derived from the self proclaimed slogan of the Chicago  Tribune. The Station's transmitter is located on top of the Willis Tower ( Previously Sears Tower). Which TV network?

Q5. It is a bridge trophy which is awarded biennially in an event between teams from Europe and the United States. The tournament is modeled on the Ryder Cup golf competition and is held in the week preceding the golf event at a nearby location. The competition was first held in 2006. Who Sponsors this event / Who is the cup named after?

Q6. This is a 1948 cover of the Time Magazine. Identify this 'Opinionated' person?

Q7. Which Business Magnate was the Chaffeur to Archduke Francis Ferdinand , when he was shot dead?

Q8. New Yorker ran this cover as a tribute to a fashion designer who had recently commited suicide. He was also the chief designer for the House of Givenchy. Which Fashion Designer?

Q9. Which famous Indian CEO is the author of this book?

Q10. In Which country , would you see the following ATM with words like Insertio , Scidulum , Quaeso UT, Faciundam , Cognoscas , Rationem.

6 team qualified for the finals.

1. Gopal Kidao and  JK (MMS/TCS)
2. Naven Giles and Self (FICO/CTS)
3. Thejaswi Udupa and Anusthup (Yahoo)
4. Alagarsamy and Vinod Rajamani (Ujjivan Financial services /HSBC)
5. Rohan Khanna and G Sreekanth (Accenture / TCS)
6. Santosh and Team

Answer to the Prelims questions

A1. Pagar
A2. People attending a workshop of Edward De Bono Six Thinking Hats
A3. Khaana Khazaana
A4. WGN ( Slogan being World's Greatest Newspaper)
A5. Buffet named after Wareen Buffett
A6. George Gallup
A7. Ferdinand Porsche
A8. Alexander Mcqueen
A9. Vineet Nayyar of HCL
A10. Vatican City -- Only ATM in Latin.

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