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AIMA Quiz 2010 Delhi Prelims

These are some of the questions from the Delhi Prelims of the AIMA quiz 2010 held at the IILM College.

1.Khushiyon Ki Chabi is the tagline used by which pathbreaking product?

2. In Finance , Which 8 letter term represents the value of the business name, reputations & much more ?

3. Which Business Magnate said -- " I Do not want India to be an economic superpower. I want it to be a happy nation" ?

4. Tum Mujhe Khoon Do Hain Thume Azadi Dhoonga was a line used by which tv series in India that landed it into a lawsuit?

5. If it is Incredible India
and  Vibrant Gujarat
what is it for Chattisgarh?

6. Expand PIGS as in the PIGS countries that are in economic trouble

7. Video Clip of the Opening Ceremony of the Common Wealth Games. Which Event Management company managed the opening Ceremony?

8. Play Life was a Study that was done by a TV Channel detailing how children were glued to TV rather than playing outside. Which TV company did the study?

9. Gaurav Outlets with more than 500 outlets planned is the retail initiative of which company?

10.Money Never Sleeps , but with the right financial guide atleast you will. Which company associated itself with the movie Wall Street : Money Never sleeps with these lines?

11. Whose awards function are these?

12. If Sachin Tendulkar worked with Future group to create the Sach Toothpaste, with Which Company did he work to create Sachin's Fit Kit?

13. It is the India's first E-book reader from EC Media. What is the name of the E-book reader?

14. This is the picture of Johann Bruyneel. He is the coach of which famous sporting Icon?

15. Which Indian Actor Features as the King of a middle eastern country in the Series 24?

16. Identify this person . Clue : Hahaha

17. General Nonsense is a column written by which Non Fiction author who specializes in Satire?

18. For which airline would Richard Branson be serving as a Waitress and why?

19. The Happy Housewives Club is an initiative launched by which TV channel to engage with the housewives better?

20. Chunna Bhai Kit-kit, Raju Ki Adalat, Indian I-Dhol , Pak-Pak-Pakao are programs on whcih TV channel?

21. New Ideas in Business New Ideas before they become Business. Read to Learn. This is an Ad by which Newspaper?

22. Cable and Loonie are nicknames of which two global Currencies?

23. Ram & Krishna are the codenames that Bajaj Employees have for which two products that they believe saved the company?

24. Fix It again Tony was an often repeated slogan about which company by the American folks, for its poor quality?

25. Chink , Crack , Crevice -- connect with a 3 word profession that is one of the oldest in the world.

26. Which Ancient Art form is used in this ad?

27. Clip of Sheila Ki Jawani. Which airline does Katrina Kaif endorse?

28. Clip of Aisha -- Which Ice Cream brand was featured in this movie and was recently in news for the wrong reasons ?

29. Identify the brand of 1970s Ford Car that featured in a movie acted by this person recently.

30. Clip of Guzaarish. Who is the fashion designer for this movie?


1. Tata Nano
2. Goodwill
3. JRD Tata
4. KBC4
5. Credible Chattisgarh
6. Portugal , Ireland , Greece , Spain
7. WizCraft
8. Nick ( Nickleodeon)
9. Mother Dairy
10. ShareKhan
11. Twitter
12. ITC Foods
13. WINK
14. Lance Armstrong
15. Anil Kapoor
16. Madan Kataria
17. Scott Adams
18. Air Asia
19. SAB TV
21. Financial Express
22. Canadian Dollar and British Pound
23. Bajaj Discoverer and Pulsar
24. FIAT
25. SPY
26. Warli Art Form
27. Etihad Airlines
28. Haagen Dazs -- Saying it was exclusive and only some people were allowed into the parlors.
29. Gran Torino
30. Sabyasaachi Mukherjee

The Aima Quiz 2010 Compendium

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