Saturday, December 18, 2010

AIMA Quiz 2010 Chennai Prelims

The South Indian regional edition of the 11th National Management Quiz conducted by AIMA was held at Chennai earlier today. These are some of the questions from the quiz prelims.

1. Which company's new logo is this?

2. Whose Logo is this?

3. Swach is a rice husk based Water purifier. Which group company developed this water purifier?

4. Initially it was  " Its Different" , now it is " Make a Difference". Which product?

5.Which company given the 'Q Promise' in India  , a certification of its quality for its product in India

6. Which University has the maximum number of Billionaires with 62 of its students going on to become billionaires

7. Wellgro Soil, Wellgro Crops , Wellgro Grains are products of natural neem based fertilizers created and marketed by which company?

8. Originally incorporated as Cadabra, Inc. but was later changed since it sounded like a cadaver. Which company?

9. Established in 1979 as Lucasfilm , famous for its graphics division. Which company?

10. Identify the company that gives this product named Wave 

11. Spandan is an IT initiative of which retail giant in India , that allows people across the organization to interact with teh top managers in the company?

12. Denizens' is a brand extension of this company aimed at teenagers in China and India. Which company?

13. Cucumber Slice , Citrus Blast , Watermelon are new variants of this brand. Tagline of the brand is "Stay Cool, Think Cool"

14. What product was launched with the tagline Happiness, Family Size?

15. Which brand as part of its repositioning exercise in 2009, brought out a campaign named " Audio Candy"?

16. Which company recently celebrated over 100 years of the language of love?

17. Cover of the latest Malcolm Gladwell book . What the ------------ Saw. Which animal features in the name of the book?

18. Launched as Customer's Afternoon Letter in 1889. Which World famous Journal is this?

19. Who is the author of the Book -- "The Professional"?

20.Which Indian Publication house is celebrating 75 years of  existence , this year?

21. Geodesic brought out which comic book maker in India in the mid-2000s?

22. Identify this Reclusive Billionaire?

23. This is a picture of Anuradha Desai. Her company was recently in news for what reason?

24. Which Indian was inducted into the Foundation Board of World Economic Forum recently?

25. Which celebrity takes part in Race for Roses , a Charity Bike ride for helping cancer patients?

26. One liners like Naan oru thadava sonna nooru tharam sonna mathiri , question.. whose one liners are these?

27. Id this lady who is in news?

28. Which event first held during the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe - Hildburghausen, celebrated 200 years, this year?

29. What is often called the SMS of Internet?

30. Blunt & Sharp is the tagline of which news channel?

There was a tie breaker for 4 teams. 18 was the cutoff. After tie breakers - the 6 teams to make it on stage where

1. Anish Raju  & Vijay Menon -- Nokia India
2. Ramkumar Shankar & AH Kesari Prasad -- Sanmar
3. AGK Murthy & Rahul -- Vizag Steel
4. Jayakanthan & Deviprasad -- TCS
5. Team from Ashok Leyland
6. Krishna Pillai and Self -- Cognizant Technologies.

Answers to the Prelims questions

1. Murugappa Group
3. Tata
4. Maggi Tomato Sauce
5. Toyota
6. Harvard University
7. ITC
9. Pixar
10. Google
11. Shopper's Stop
12. Levi Strauss
13. Dermi Cool by Paras
14. Maruti Eeco
15. Hajmola
16. Johnson's Baby Lotion
17. DOG
18. Wall Street Journal
19. Subroto Bagchi
20. Rupa Publications
21. Chandamama
22. V.G.Siddartha
23. Venky's buying Blackburn Rovers
24. Mukesh Ambani
25. Lance Armstrong
26. Rajnikanth
27. Niira Radia
28. Oktoberfest
29. Twitter
30. Bloomber UTV.

Vizag Steel won the quiz , Cognizant came second and TCS finished third.

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