Sunday, December 12, 2010

HTNI #12

What did this cover inspire?

Answer to Yesterday's question

kaushik and sudhin get it...

It is Ayrton Senna and Juan Manual Fangio memorial at Donington Park


sourabh said...

It inspired the News of the World album by Queen.

alka said...

The image inspired Queen band's album "NEWS OF THE WORLD"'s cover and thus was created the famous cover. The artist American sci-fi, Frank Kelly Freas altered the picture for the cover of the album, replacing the dead man's body with the four band members dead.

Sumit Watal said...

Rajni "BOSS"'s film ROBOT....At second guess it could be the movie I-ROBOT based on Assimov's novel of the same name.

Arun R said...

queen NEWS of the world

Pai said...

Good blog- do keep it up

Inspired some Queen album , not sure which one.