Sunday, December 19, 2010

GLIM Quiz 2011

But who shall dwell in these worlds if they be inhabited?... 
Are we or they lords of the world?... 
And how are all things made for man? 

- JOHANNES KEPLER (quoted in The Anatomy of Melancholy) 

Gentlemen and ladies, fasten your seatbelts. It’s definitely a bumpy road 
ahead. A road, that although strewn with challenges, leads you to the “Promised 
Land”, a land where you shall be proclaimed the monarch. However, here’s the 
rub. You are not alone. 

It isn’t an event, it’s war and you are a warrior. A warrior does what a 
warrior must do i.e. fight. Do you have that fight in you? For, if you have, we 
are waiting for you. 

Begin with vague quote: Check. 
Random pseudo-babble: Check. 
Now that we have taken care of the niceties, the details: 

Poornaviram is the flagship quiz event of Great Lakes Institute of Management , 
Chennai. It will be played in three independent tracks, online-students, 
corporate leg and the student leg. The corporate leg as well as the student leg 
will have six teams in the finals. Teams can comprise of two members only. 

• 3 online STUDENT quizzes on the themes People, Planet and Profit respectively 
(` 1500 for the winners and ` 1000 for the runners up). Dates – 23rd Dec, 27th 
Dec and Jan 3rd. 

• Student Open Quiz (Mixed students allowed) – Jan 6th @ Great Lakes Campus (` 
20,000 for the winners and ` 15,000 for the runners up) - 

• Corporate Quiz (Mixed corporates allowed) – Jan 7th @ Great Lakes Campus (` 
20,000 for the winners and ` 15,000 for the runners up) - 

There is a prophecy by an eastern wizard that you’re “the chosen one”. You may 
not believe us and ignore this message. But, what if the prophecy is true? What 
if you are destiny’s true master? Be our quizzing champion and put a 
Poornaviram to all naysayers. 

More mythical LOTR inspired pseudo-babble: Check. 

You have been invited…and possibly warned. 


Please register for the campus quizzes at
Please forward the mail and spread the word. 

Contact Details: 

Gaurav Sundararaman - 9840817345
Priyambad- 8098530799

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