Monday, December 13, 2010

HTNI #13

The wooden lattice crown of a yurt called shangrak is believed to be sacred , and is generally passed from father to son upon the father’s death. A family's length of heritage could be measured by the accumulation of stains on the shangrak from generations of smoke passing through it. A stylized version of the crown known by a different name forms the center of a flag. What is the stylized version and which flag?

Answer to Yesterdays Question

Inspried the cover of the Queen Album -- News of the World.

Rohit , Arun , Alka and Sourabh got it right. Yo Pai was on the right track..


V said...


Unknown said...

1. The coat of arms of Kazakhstan
2. Kyrgyzstan

sourabh said...

Coat of arms of Kazakhstan & Flag of Kyrgyzstan