Saturday, December 18, 2010

IITM Open Quiz 2011

The IIT Madras Open Quiz is the largest student managed open quizzing event in India, and one of the biggest open quizzes in Chennai. More than 1500 enthusiastic quizzers have made their way to each of the previous editions of the IIT Madras Open Quiz.
The quiz has gained a reputation for challenging and innovative questions, seeing the inception of such quiz regulars as the Long Visual Connect, and has been an ideal platform for showcasing the country’s best quizzing talent.
IIT Madras has an enviable quizzing culture and is widely regarded as a centre of quizzing excellence. We believe not only in excelling as participants, but also in conducting a plethora of high quality quizzes, the Open Quiz being one that engages one and all, be they school kids, college students, corporates or families.

Date and Venue: The IITM Open Quiz is scheduled to be held on Sunday, 16th January 2011 at the Students Activities Centre inside the IIT Madras campus.

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