Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Aima Quiz 2010 Eliminations Infosys -- Part 1

A few questions from the Eliminations at Infosys Chennai for the AIMA National Management Quiz (NMQ) 2010. Answers in a couple of days

Q1: It was one of the first times that an Urban landscape was used for dancing in the National capital. The American dance troupe – Project Bandaloop performed an aerial dance on the scape of this building. This building was built by renowned architect Charles Correa and stands at Connaught Place. Which Company does this building house?

Q2:A British citizen , she moved from England to Surajkhand in the early 2000s after a divorce with her husband. In 2003, Dheeraj Singh, a business partner, was arrested with an accomplice for allegedly kidnapping her 18-year-old son. However , in the corporate world, she is known for running Vaishnavi communications and its subsidiaries Neucom , Noesis Strategic Consulting services and Vitcom Consulting. Who is this person?

Q3: What was described thus , when it was launched?
“It is modern, vibrant and friendly and signals our resolution to be accessible to our customers and stakeholders. And the lowercase is our recognition for humility. The red colour, which is an integral part of the brand, continues to represent heritage, energy and passion. The new curved and the gentle highlight almost gives the impression of a living object; at the same time, it represents a dynamic force of unparalleled energy, brings us closer to consumers and is a symbol which will help ensure instant recognition across diverse international markets”

Q4:Which Company's catalog first published in 1845 is called the Blue Book?

Q5:The story writer for this movie is more famous as the co-author of a book that was published while working for the Wall street Journal. The book covered the rise and the fall of RJR. Nabisco. Identify the person and the book that he co-authored with John Helyar.


sourabh said...

1. LIC
2. Neera Radia
3. New Airtel Logo
4. Tiffany & Co.
5. Barbarians at the Gate: The Fall of RJR Nabisco & Bryan Burrough.

Ameya said...

1. LIC
2. Niira radia
3. New airtel logo
4. Tiffany
5. Bryan Burrough- Barbarians at the gate

Sumit Watal said...

2.Neera Radia..She is in new b'coz of the Telecom scandal..
3.Airtel's new logo

Sumit Watal said...

Blue Book is by IBM