Thursday, September 14, 2006

Trivial Pursuit #13

1. Fill up the blanks and how do we know this list better?

--------------, The Big Nowhere , ---------------- , The White Jazz

2. In the Champions League Semi Final this year - Villareal vs Arsenal -- Arsenal were leading 1-0 on aggreagate, when Villareal got a penalty. X came upto take the penalty. X normally a clinical finisher from the penalt spot - hit the ball to the left of Jens Lehman. It was a weak shot though and was stopped. Now X also appeared in the World Cup later this year, but his team exited out of the WC pretty early on. He recently announced his retirement from International Football. Who is X?


RandomWanderer said...

1. LA Confidential
2. Riquelme

Rahul said...