Saturday, August 26, 2006

Trivial Pursuit #6

1.This advertising character was portrayed by Michael Vale. When the company wanted to retire the advertising character, they asked their customers what their reaction would be if this character ceased to exist. According to what the customers wanted- the company created an official retirement celebration for the character including a parade in the city of Boston and a "free donut" day that served over 6 million customers on September 22, 1997. Which Company and what character?

2.Born in 1926, his middle name was Leopold. He is one of the seven West Indian batsmen to have an average over 50.On his death , Micheal holding had this to say - " I was very grateful for what he did for me as a youngster. Its another good man gone - he is not only a West Indies legend but a legend of the world"

3.James Blunt's track You're beautiful was the first British artist track to top the US billboard Hot 100 in almost a decade. Which track had the honour before the James Blunt track?

4. This is the cover of a famous graphic novel. Identify the graphic novel.

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