Friday, September 19, 2008

One Biz Question a Day Vol 1.3

The Seminoles are a group of Native American people originally of Florida and now residing in Florida and Oklahoma. The Seminoles never surrendered to the US Government and thus call themselves the "Unconquered People". They have developed an economy largely based on sales of duty-free tobacco, tourism and gambling. They are however much better known as the owners of some other franchise – Which franchise?

Hard Rock Cafe - Franchise. 

Swaminathan Dixit, Jaldi Quizzer, Chandy and Asad Adam got it right.


chandy said...

hard rock cafe

JaldiQuizzer said...

The answer is Hard Rock Cafe.

Asad Adam said...

Hard Rock Cafe?

swaminathan dixit said...

hard rock cafe chain

swaminathan dixit said...

hard rock cafe chain of restaurants