Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random 5

Answers in a week.

1. This is a statement by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg about Lilly Ledbetter and her professional life.
Lilly Ledbetter was a supervisor at Goodyear Tire and Rubber’s plant in Gadsden, Alabama, from 1979 until her retirement in 1998. For most of those years, she worked as an area manager, a position largely occupied by men. Initially, Ledbetter’s salary was in line with the salaries of men performing substantially similar work. Over time, however, her pay slipped in comparison to the pay of male area managers with equal or less seniority. By the end of 1997, Ledbetter was the only woman working as an area manager and the pay discrepancy between Ledbetter and her 15 male counterparts was stark: Ledbetter was paid $3,727 per month; the lowest paid male area manager received $4,286 per month, the highest paid, $5,236
What is Obama's connection to this?

2. The lady in the middle of this picture was the homecoming queen in high school. She left 3M when she was denied a request to move to the headquarters. Who is this lady who recently wanted to ensure her company got some frigging breating space to kick some butt?

3. How do we better know Guddu Rao , a Brahmin Madhwa who stayed in a single bedroom house in West Mambalam with Lyricist Vaali and actor Srikanth?

4. This mascot is based on the Royal Bengal Tiger. What is its name?

5. Jorge Cauz recently wrote about an initiative in his blog

"We are not abdicating our responsibility as publishers or burying it under the now-fashionable 'wisdom of the crowds',We believe that the creation and documentation of knowledge is a collaborative process but not a democratic one,experts would sit alongside the encyclopaedia entries and the official material would carry a '---------- Checked' stamp, to distinguish it from the user-generated content.

What is the new initiative?


Keysersoze said...

1. Obama was a staunch supporter of the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Bill but was opposed earlier by the Congress. He signed the bill and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act came into existence.
2. Carol Bartz
3. Comedy King Nagesh
4. Goody
5. Brittanica Checked Stamp to prove authenticity.


Vinod said... ledbetter fair pay act. one of the first bills signed into law by obama
4.mascot for 2010 commonwealth games in new delhi
5. britannica checked stamp

Utsav Mamoria said...


I think question 3 should have "Gundu Rao" instead of Guddu Rao.

Please look into this. You can delete my comment if its a spoiler