Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Ad Club Hindu Business Line Quiz 2010

The Hindu Business Line quiz is back again and will be conducted by Mitesh Agarwal like last year..

For a review of the blockbuster quiz from last year .. check this link

Teams of 2: Open to All

Corporates can form mixed teams (Entry Fee – 2500/-)

Students can form mixed teams (Entry Fee – 500/-)

Date: April 10, 2010, Saturday

Venue: Hotel Savera, Chennai

Prelims: 1:00PM followed by Finals

On the Spot Entries Allowed but recommend registering in advance

For Further Details, Registration etc please visit:

The Obligatory questions: --- Following are a few questions from the Eliminations that I had done for my previous company -- Infosys. Answers will be posted in a couple of days

1. Born in Chicago , Robert Watson , has been described in the book – Hot Flat and Crowded , as one of the best environmental minds in America. A pioneer in the Green Building movement , he founded a rating system that is used across the world. What rating system did he create?

2. The Kuwait Investment Authority was founded in 1953 to manage the financial surplus that arose after the discovery of Oil in Kuwait. What was this – the first of its kind?

3.What is the Arabic word for investment, that recently had an Indian connotation?

4.The original one , taken in 1877 , featuring Occident was lost , which led the person to repeat the experiment. Sallie Gardner was chosen this time and he used 24 cameras which were 27 inches apart and had shutters controlled by trip wires. Who is he, what is happening and who authorized it?

5.It was first used in reference to the refined substance in 1892 ,and was registered as a trade name by British wholesaler Carless, Capel & Leonard at the suggestion of Frederick Richard Simms. The American version of this product was never trademark and eventually became a generic name. What product?

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Douchay said...

1. Not sure
2. Sovereign Wealth Fund
3. Don't know
4. Sallie Gardner is a horse and this is a picture to see whether horses have all four feet off the ground when they gallop.
5. Petrol