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Brand Equity Quiz 2012 - Bangalore Prelims

Questions from the Brand Equity Quiz in Bangalore 2012 .

25 questions with 1 pointer and 5 questions with 2 pointers.

Prelims Questions

1. It started at the Brahmin's Coffee House in 1924. How do we better know this place now?
2. What are these different sizes of -- Emperor , Crown , Royal , Princess, Elephant , Atlas?
3. Who created coins with the words Nanak Shahi embossed on them?
4. Who wrote a paper on Co-Creation , with Venkat Ramaswamy?
5. What is the name of the Merchant , in the Merchant of Venice?
6. With British Actor joined Keystone Film Studios in 1913 , for a sum of $150 per Week?
7. No Kidding. No Worries is the Tagline of which company?
8. Which State produces more than 70% of the salt produced in India?
9. Who was the first person to be inducted into the American Automobile Hall of Fame?
a. Alfred Sloan
b. Henry Ford
c. Enzo Ferrari
10. Angry Birds space edition has teamed up with which organization to creation game play based on Mars Exploration?
11. Which Stationary manufacturer has the Jousting Knights as its logo?
12. In which city would you find the maximum number of people , who are listed in the Forbes India Rich List?
13. Which Sanskrit manuscript had the first mention of Diamond in it?
14. The models of which company's ad campaign were nicknamed Cowboy Killers?
15. Which product of J & J didn't find widespread acceptance , till it was distributed to the Boy Scouts army?
16. Which Scientist created a company in 1946 called Travancore Chemicals?
17. Which commercial crop gets its name from the Sanksrit(or arabic don't remember) words meaning Twisted Hair --- "Jataa"?
18. IBM introduced 360 degree feedbacks for the first time in the corporate world in the 1990s. Serious/ Joking?
19. The Cheerleaders of which franchise are called the white mischief girls?
20. Finish this quote by Dhirubhai Ambani -- Think Big , Think fast , think ahead -- Ideas are no one's --------------
21. Visual of an ad with words -- what makes computer possible in blue and white font.
22. Id the person
23. Identify the Logo

24. Audio of an Ad for Moov
25. Id the Music Director of Barfi _ Barfi -- Murphy song was played

Idea round ( 2 Pointer questions)
26. A part of the proceed of which famous pilgrimage goes to Buta Malik?
27. In terms of the Cost of Printing vs actual value of the note , which has the highest ratio ?
a. Rs 5
b. Rs 10
c. Rs 50

28. Known in Hungarian as Kukac , which symbol is derived from the symbol for Amphora?
29. Some person from TWA came to India in 1945 to coach what?
a) Ramp Walk Models
b) Air Hostess

30) Which Asian country was the first to introduce a National Quality Prize?


1. MTR
2. Sizes of Paper
3. Ranjit Singh
4. CK. Prahlad
5. Antonio
6. Charlie Chaplin
8. Gujarat
9. Alfred Sloan
10. Nasa
11. Faber Castell
12. Mumbai
13. Arthasastra
14. Marlboro Man campaign
15. Band- Aid
16. CV Raman
17. Jute
18. Joking
19. Royal Challengers Bangalore
20. Monopoly
21. Intel
22. Ronnie Screwvala
23. Dena Bank
24. Moov
25. Pritam
26. Amarnath Yatra
27. Rs. 5
28. @ symbol
29. Air Hostess
30. Japan.

5 teams from the prelims qualified and 1 from the A& M round qualified . 6 teams on stage

1. DDB Mudra
2. Deloitte
3. ING Vysya
4. Oracle
5. TCS
6. Titan

Cutoff was 27 , highest 30.

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