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Random Questions 05/Apr/2009

Answers posted in a week on the blog

Q1. This building was constructed as the new headquarters of the Standard Oil company of Indiana ( which later became AMOCO). The structure of the building is very similar to the WTC and was the tallest marble clad structure when it was built. It was initially sheathed entirely by 43000 slabs of Italian Carrara Marble. But the architecture team had made a mistake as the marble was very light. In later years they had to resurface the entire building with marbles from Mount Airey at a cost of $80 million(almost half the cost of the building itself). Which Building is it?

Q2. Prior to 1994 , the engine displacement made up the first three digits and the last letter indicated the type of Chassis/Engine. Post 1994 , The three digits still stand for the Engine Displacement while the digits are prefixed with the Class of the vehicle rather than the type of engine. What am I talking about?

Q3. This company’s first product was the Yubiwa Pipe , a finger ring that would hold a cigarette allowing the wearer to smoke the cigarette down to its nub while also leaving the wearer's hands free. The company however entered into a totally different field for which it is now known after the owner visited a business show in Ginza. Which Company?

Q4.It is a village on the shore of a well-protected bay of the Sea of Okhotsk. The settlement was founded by the Russian-American Company in 1843 and the highway through this place was the shortest route from Yakutsk to the Pacific Ocean and was used for shipping furs from the heartland of Yakutia.It was one of the centres of the Yakut Revolt against Lenin's government. Which Place?

Q5. A branch of the Punjab Police specializing in Counter-Terrorist operations and VIP security duties, as well as acting against serious crime and performing high-risk operations which can't be carried out by the regular police. It was formed in 1998 as a counterterrorism unit, but over time its duties expanded to VIP escort. Created based on an order of the then Punjab Chief Minister , this unit got immense criticism early 2009. What is the branch?

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