Thursday, February 11, 2010

K! Biz Quiz 2010

A very very long overdue post on the Kurukshetra biz quiz. Been a hectic few weekends with a jam packed quizzing schedule. Gopal did the Biz quiz at Anna University on 23rd of January ( as he had done over the last 3 years as well) and as usual it was a great quiz.

The prelims was a common prelims for the college and the Corporates. 8 teams made it to the stage and there was a separate finals for College Teams and another one for Corporates. Prelims was 30 questions.

Just remember the teams that qualied in corporates .. dont remember the college teams

1. Cody and team -- unilever
2. Samanth -- Mint
3. Shubham + Myself -- CTS
4. JK and team -- Google
5. Fing and Ashwin -- Citibank
6.Anish and team -- Nokia
7.Siddarth ,Srihari -- TCS
8. Sumo and team -- Ebay

Shubham and I finished first -- by answering the last question. Samanth -- the lone wolf -- came in second and JK and Team came in third.

Few questions from the ones in my notes

1.This company's slogan which ironically goes " The best a man can get" recently announced that they would not be airing ads featuring Tiger Woods anymore. Which company?


2. Picture of Neville Tuli

3.Which bank helped underwrite the IPO of Coke and received some shares for the same?

4.Ad for Viagra

5. What is sukuk?

Islamic Bonds

6. Picture of an airline tail was shown . Airline showcased diversity -- the specific tail design was by Meera Mehta . Id the Airlines and the art form showcased

British Airways and Paithani Sarees

7.Peabody Energy, the world's largest private sector coal mining company. What is the NYSE ticker?

BTU ( British Thermal Unit)

8. Who likened investing in stocks to a beauty contest , where the prize went to the entrant who guessed which girl others would judge the prettiest?

John Maynard Keynes

9.Which word meaning " Great Lord" was popularized by publishing magnate Henry Luce of Time Inc?


10.Which snack with sales of over one billion USD , was modeled in 1968 as a hyperbolic paraboloid?



Ramesh said...

Seems you are continuing your winning ways. Was a bit strange at first to see CTS next to your name.

BTW, I like the template but the text font is small.