Monday, February 15, 2010

Tata Crucible 2010 Campus Preps #1

Just like last years' preparatory questions for Tata Crucible Corporate, planning a series of questions for the college folks along the lines of old Tata Crucible Questions. Hope this helps all the folks , who are preparing for the quiz.

Oh!! A slight change from the format of last time... The questions will be posted once every hour .. but the answers will be posted only at the end of day/ week ( my schedule permitting) to ensure that folks , have time to respond to the questions in the comments section.

Question 1

Which person who grew up in a low income housing project called The Baruch Houses in New York City , became the first African-American lady to head a S&P 100 company?


Ursula Burns -- The CEO of Xerox Corporation


Varun said...

ursula burns?

Prashanth said...

Ursula Burns