Tuesday, June 29, 2010

QFI India Quiz 2010 : Finals

Posting a few questions from the finals of the QFI Open India Quiz 2010.

Q1: In this 3 letter acronym, M stands for Michel Mol, and J stands for Jan Mol. What is the missing letter , what does it stand for and what are we talking about?

A1:  Missing letter in V, stands for Vijay Mallaya and we are talking about the naming convention followed for the Force India F1 car.

Q2:Naresh Chandra Rajkhowa was a sub-editor with The Assam Tribune at Shillong. In 1959, a person mistook him for an Indian Government official and handed him a letter written in English. Mr. Rajkhowa, first copied the whole letter before sealing it and dispatching it to the concerned official. What was the content of this letter?

A2:Naresh Chandra Rajkhowa got Dalai Lama’s letter seeking asylum in India. He broke the news about the Dalai Lama’s flight from Tibet through Tawang in March 1959.

Q3: The Complex containing this structure initially housed 27 ancient Hindu and Jain temple which were destroyed and the debris was used to build the present structure. One engraving on the structure reads “ Shri Vishwakarma Prasadhe rachita” ( Conceived with the grace of Vishwakarma). What structure?

A3: The Qutb Minar

Q4: A telecom and electronics graduate at McGill University in Montreal , Ashish Kapoor toyed with the idea of starting his own business after reading Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. Looking at the Indian landscape in early 2000's he felt that three cuisines in India were scalable into the form of a chain of restaurants. What did he go on to create?

A4: Yo! China chain of Restaurants

Q5:Stucco is a material made of an aggregate, a binder, and water, that is used as a coating for walls and ceilings.
De-stucco is a process that removes a layer of coating from the walls. The Archeological Survey of India was the first organization to use the De-stucco process in 1980. Where did they use the de-stucco process and for what reason did they have to use it?

A5:The Destucco process was used for remove the Nayak paintings that were painted over the original Chola paintings in The Thanjavur Big Temple. The Nayak paintings were removed and mounted on fiberglass boards after the destucco process so that both the Nayak paintings as well as the original Chola paintings could be seen.

Q6:In early 1977,Judah Reuben a former finger print analyst for the Bombay Police found a piece of gauze in Chennai , that was later sent to the Tamilnadu Forensic Science and Chemical Laboratory for examination. Why did the forensic department investigate the gauze despite it not being a part of any crime?

A6:The strip of gauze had been used by John Lever and the forensic department investigated for traces of Vaseline.

Q7:This town houses prominent pilgrimage destinations for 2 different religions and a famous college named after a viceroy of India. It gets its name from the fort built by the ruling Chauhan kings. This town’s name when translated means “Invincible Hill”.Which city and what are the 2 pilgrimage sites?

A7: Ajmer , Pushkar -- Temple of Brahma and Tomb of Moinuddin Chisti

Q8:In 1940 , the organizers of the Thiruvayaru  Thyagaraja Aradhana celebration decided that the Pancharatna Keerthis of Thyagaraja  would be rendered as part of the festival every year. However , this song in the Keerthis posed a problem. What was the problem? ( song played was Kanakanaka ruchira)

A8:KanaKanaruchira, is a piece set in tune in Vaarali Raaga. Many people did not know the song or the raga due to the belief that relations would thaw between the student and the teacher after this was taught. So no one knew how to sing this song during the aradhana.

Q:9 Chitra Duella is a co-founder of the Swiss watch company BorgeauD that manufactures the famous La Collection Gravitas watches that incorporate Rahu Kaalam. She lives in Geneva with her husband and two children. For what reason is she remembered in India?

A9:She is the Journalist who broke the Bofors Scandal when she was working for The Hindu from Switzerland.

Q10: While his family name  is derived from the number of Yonis of Gods in the Universe, his immediate family were wrestlers. His father wanted him to be a wrestler too, but his interests lay elsewhere. However he credits his wrestling practice to the immense stamina and lung power that he has now developed, which serves him well in his chosen profession. Who are we  talking about?

A10: Hariprasad Chaurasia

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