Wednesday, February 09, 2011

HTNI #32

Posting for the sake of Posting a question :) Just been a long time...

This was the explanation given for a recent acquisition. Who about which acquisition?

Women account for 80 percent of domestic purchases, 80 percent of purchases are done locally, and 80 percent of purchases are influenced in some way by “influencer crowds.” So expect to see us acquire or develop a lot more content targeted at “women, local, and influencers.”

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Lloyds Building
Appuchin , Sourabh , Vishnu , Konga , "When I was in London" -- Divya answer it right.


sourabh said...

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong about the Huffington Post acquisition

vivita said...

I couldn't resist this. "Huffington Post " aquired by AOL.
Nice question yeggi.

vivita said...

i couldn't resist this . "huffington Post " acquired by AOL.
Nice question Yaggi ;)