Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Questions for Fundamentalist -- Jain UNiversity

Some of the questions from the prelims of the Fundamentalist quiz held in Bangalore.

1. Forever Evolving , Never Standing Still , ------------- ------------. Complete the sentence to get a tagline of a company as well as a business strategy

2. Which clothing material gets its name from the French for "Cloth of the King"?

3. Which is the Only country in the world that broadcasts news in Latin?

4.Originally called the Waist Overalls , How do we know it today?

5. Robert & Eduard Villiger created ----------- & Villiger. How do we know this company better?

6. The carbon Microphone that was used in the phones till 1970s was invented by this person. Who is this person?

7. How do we better know the Bulldog of Mark Pincus?

8. Expand NEFT

9. What is the name of the Magazine that the Indian Railways has decided to publish?

10. Who signed the first ever patent filed , thus authorizing it?

11. What is the name of the agency started by Priti Nair?

12. Id the Person

13. Id the Person

14. Which Company's Logo

15. Who is this person

16. Who is this person

17. Who is this person

18. Which company is the holding company of Pratt & Whitney?


1. Keep Walking -- Johnny Walker
2. Corduruoy
3. Finland
4. Jeans
5. Schindler
6. Thomas Alva Edison
7. Zynga
8. National Electronic Fund Transfer
9. Rail Bandhu
10. George Washington
11. Curry Nation
12. UK Sinha
13. Kazuo Inamori
14. Cookie Man
15. Arun Firodia
16. Vallabh Bhansali
17. Dirk Meyer
18. United Technologies

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