Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review of Biz World By Ravi Handa and Avinash Maurya

It is not often that you see new quiz books hit the market and it is even harder to find good quiz books on Business. I was therefore very interested in having a look at this book when I saw it on Flipkart and when Ravi mailed me asking , if I would review the book, I immediately agreed.

Before I got the reviewers copy of the book from the publisher , I decided that I would probably review the book on 3 or 4 criteria

1. Content of the book
2. Structure of the book
3. Would it keep both amateurs as well as seasoned quizzers interested
4. Does it do anything different from previously published quiz books. -- I was interested to see , what was new in the book that hadn't possibly been covered in the Derek O Brien Corporate Quiz Books or the Tata Crucible Quiz books.

What struck me when I first went through the book was the structure of the book. Unlike the Derek O brien books -- which had questions divided on topics/ Personalities , or a Tata Crucible Quiz book , which mimicked the structure of the quiz itself , it was a structure , that lent itself to a comprehensive study on brands and personalities.

About half the book is structured to facts about companies and tabularized based on the industry vertical that they would fall under. With information like -- when the company was founded , the name of the founders, the Head quarters , the present head and interesting pieces of trivia about the company , it provides a very easy way for the reader to scale his/her business knowledge. While one gets the feeling that the book caters in a large part to cracking big quizzes like Brand Equity and Tata Crucible , the amount of information in the book , definitely helps you prepare for all other type of biz quizzes as well.

The other half of the book is about questions that you tend to see in quizzes , like multiple choices and High funda questions. The High funda questions were of good quality and would keep even seasoned quizzers flipping through the pages with interest.

Final Verdict:

The book is innovative in the way the content is structured and provides a wonderfully easy way to scale the steep learning curve required for business quizzing. It combines this structure with the ones seen in other quiz books and provides some wonderful quiz questions , that would keep seasoned quizzers as well as amateurs glued to the book. All in all , it is a wonderfully curated book , that is worth the time and money.

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