Monday, July 25, 2011

Tata Crucible 2011 Corporate Coimbatore Prelims

Thanks to Arul Saravanan and Yogesh Pai for sharing the questions from the Coimbatore edition of the Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz.

1. English singer/composer, brain child behind rocket record co. in 1972. Has a unique record, they are the only co. that has a trade mark to a song , that was sung only once in public?
2. Which former airhostess was Lakme’s first Indian model?
3. Which co. did Sunil Mittal get into an agreement in 1983 to manufacture the co’s push button telephone models for the Indian market? Later the co. went onto forge alliance with Nokia.
4. Picture of this famous Huge Entrepreneur.

5. Whose Tagline goes “ No Flavour Finer” The product carries a G I Tag and makes India proud?
6. The Vanilla Beans are used in the Ice Cream Industry. Which Country produces 80% of the world’s Vanilla Beans output?(Clue – Children will know from Cartoons)
7. On 5th April 2011, who announced about his new IT Venture “Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt Ltd” ?
8. Picture of a Logo – whose? (Probably the Toughest question- QM)

9. What term now used in media comes from the name given by the London based pharmaceutical company Burroughs Well Co to the compressed Tablets ?
10. Which Asian Country with Voice based revenues of $ 5.70 Billion has overtaken India as the Call centre capital of the world ?
11. Who is the main Holding company of LMVH, owning 42.38% of its Shares and 59.30% of its Voting rights? (Clue – Huge Brand)
12. From the Education Sector. Old Company. Whose Logo?

13. First example of an Indian company hiring a local face to endorse its brand exclusively in another Country. Dabur has roped in which Pakistani cricketer for its brand – Hajmola?
14. Which nation gets its top level internet domain as .Ch ?
15. He has donated a majority of his company’s shares to M.I.T to fulfill his desire. Under the terms of the Gift, M.I.T cannot sell its shares & will not participate in its management or governance of the Company but can get annual dividend on its shares. Identify this gentleman.? (Huge Indian name)
16. Arabian Logo . Identify ? (New tourism destination in the middle east. Did not get effected by the recession)

17. Logo – Identify ? (Local Company)

18. Which electronic commerce company would be associated with Andrew Mason?
19. This Company is recognized as India’s biggest chain of Family Clubs by the Limca book of world records. They boast of having around 600 corporate members including Microsoft, Brooke bond Lipton, CMC,etc…..
20. Very much native Logo.


1. Elton John
2. Maureen Wadia
3. Seimens
4. Cecil Rhodes
5. Darjeeling Tea
6. Madagascar
7. Ashok Soota
8. Competition Commission of India
9. Tabloid
10. Philippines
11. Christian Dior
12. Aptech
13. Shahid Afridi
14. Switzerland
15. Amar Bose
16. Abu Dhabi
17. Vasan Eye Care
18. Groupon
19. Country Club
20. Nigiris

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