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QFI Open Sports Quiz 2011 Prelims Questions

Here are some of the questions from the prelims of the C-Cube QFI Open Sports Quiz.

0.9 different tyre manufacturers have provided tyres for the Formula 1 Teams. However , there is only one manufacturer who has never won a single Grand Prix. Which tyre manufacturer?

1. Among all the flag bearers for India at the Olympics, only two people have had the honor of holding the flag multiple times. One, is Balbir Singh Sr. who did it both at the 1952 Helsinki Games and the 1956 Melbourne Games.

Who is the other one, who has done it three times?

2.During the 2011 Cricket World Cup, there were only two teams that did not play a national anthem before their matches.
Which two teams?

3. It is a popular betting card game played in Tamil Nadu played by both adults and kids. While the adults bet money, the kids in general stake tamarind seeds, matchbox labels etc. 

The objective of the game is to select a card from a fresh deck and determine , whether , the same number of a different suit , falls in the inner or the outer half when the cards are laid out in two stack , one by one. What is the name of the game that has become popular in another field recently?

4. In the 1811 edition of his chess treatise, Johann Allgaier introduced the 0-0 symbol. He used two variants of the symbol, "0-0r" and "0-0l".
What did this symbol denote? And what are the two variants?

5. The center of percussion is the point on an object where a perpendicular impact will produce translational and rotational forces which perfectly cancel each other out at a pivot point, so that the pivot will not be moving after the impulse.
With respect to sports, how is the centre of percussion commonly known as?

6. When Genoa won the Italian Serie A for a 9th time in the 1923-24 season, they decided to reward and celebrate themselves as champions by adding something to their jersey. This practice has been followed ever since.

a) What did Genoa add to their jersey?

b) What term originated thus?

7. During the 2007 Indian tour of England, only one person in the Indian team scored a century in the Test Series. Who?

8. This is an installation by Pierre Huyghe that uses lighting as a screen and includes a computer game program interface , joysticks and halogen lamps.

Name the installation, and what game are they playing?

9. “Over the Top” is an autobiography of a cricketer, who was imprisoned for embezzling funds from his employer while working as a car salesman. Who is he?

10. What was the inspiration for this outfit designed by Nike for Maria Sharapova’s 2006 US Open Campaign?

11. Metallica recently announced their first ever Indian concert to be held at Leisure Valley in Gurgaon on the 28th of October, 2011.

This concert is to help celebrate which other event in the vicinity?

12. The first ever instance of 2 people running a sub 4-minute mile happened in the 1954 British Empire Games in Vancouver. In a photo finish, John Landy lost to Roger Bannister. A statue of this event stands outside the stadium. What is believed to be the reason for his loss?

13. Born in Kottayam, Kerala and a former captain of the Indian National Women's basketball team, she recently became the first Indian ever to attend try-outs for the WNBA.

Identify this person.

14. Tex Robertson, an Olympic bronze medalist for the 1932 US Water Polo team , trained Adolph Kiefer to the 100m backstroke gold in the 1936 Berlin Olympics by inventing a maneuver that reduced time. Ever since , all swimmers have followed this technique. What maneuver did Tex Robertson invent?

15. With respect to the Olympics, what specific feat do these three athletes share?

16. Complete the analogy


: ?

17. Initially known as ‘Hazard’ in England, which game derives its popular name from the fact that players in New Orleans squatted like toads while rolling the dice on the ground?

18. “…. it all started with an educational channel here in Chicago where they asked me to do some science stuff. And I got tired. In those days you had very little budget-of just having a few pictures and having to do voiceovers: "If you look in the upper left hand corner, you'll see X,Y, Z." So I decided it would be very nice to be able to get my hands in the picture and draw on it.”

Leonard Reiffel talking about his 1960's invention, which won him an Emmy in 2004. So what did he come up with?

19. Often called a diva, she was known for her expressive dance , extremely difficult and innovative routines.

One of the long lasting images of her , is her leaving the Sydney Olympics gymnasium in tears , after crashing on the Vault Apparatus, due to an error by the authorities.

Identify this gymnast who has the unique distinction of having moves named after her in each of the seven disciplines of gymnastics in the Artistic Code of Points.

20. Jimmy Hill , as the Manager of Coventry City Football Club , commissioned a change to the stadium for the benefit of the fans watching the game. However , this proved to be extremely unpopular, and had to be partially rolled back. However , The Taylor Report published in 1990 , advised the change suggested by Jimmy Hill to be made mandatory across all Premier league Stadiums. What was the change suggested by Jimmy Hill and what was the Taylor report?

21. For which sport is this the governing body? Also, what special attire does the world champion in this sport wear?


22. The Albert Reserve and Warehouseman’s cricket ground in St. Kilda, Melbourne is the home of the Victorian Cricket Team. It has hosted a number of First Class matches and ODIs including the Rose Bowl series in 2004 between Australia and New Zealand.

However it is also famous for hosting the first ever edition of another event at its premises in 1905. What was the event?

23. The left hand side of the image , shows the different sections under which Flipkart categorizes their books. What is the section that has been blanked out?

24. Xtreme Football League,  was originally conceived to build on the success of the NFL. It was hyped as "real" football without penalties for roughness and with fewer rules in general and the  Stadiums featured trash-talking public address announcers and scantily-clad cheerleaders. Which present day ‘entertainer’/ former federation owner was the person behind this initiative?

25. It is a small 15 Km long river in the province of Liege, which derives its name from the French words for “Red water”. The river lends its name to one of the best-known corners in Formula One as it is the point where the racetrack crosses the river for the first time.

What is the name of the river/corner and which is the circuit?

26. Whose bio reads thus?

The President of the Dominican Football Referees Association.

Became an official international FIFA referee in 1995.

First Dominican to referee a World Cup qualifier, which was between Guyana and Grenada in 1996.

Retired from FIFA in 1997.

27. By what common nickname are these intimidating sporting venues known?

28. If you were using this contraption , what game would you be playing?

29. Created by the Masterix Bandung company, this is made of 22-carat gold plated silver and stands on an octagonal base made of jati wood. The body of the cup is in the form of a shuttlecock and the handles are in the shape of stamens symbolizing the seeds of the sport.

What is mounted on the body of the cup and what is the name of the trophy?

30. Often called half and half, Innovative Flavors from Orlando , Florida licenses a beverage consisting of half iced tea and half Lemonade. The beverage is named after a person who ordered this drink after designing a course in Palm Springs in 1960s. What is the name of the beverage?

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