Wednesday, August 17, 2011

QFI Open Sports Quiz 2011: Rejects

Will be posting a few set of questions , that we rejected from the QFI Open Sports Quiz Prelims/Finals this year. Have a go at these questions.. Answers will be posted in a day.

1.James Braddock , immediately after defeating Max Primavera had to defend his heavy weight boxing title against Max Schmelling under the Contract with Madison Square Garden. However , he chose to fight Joe Louis , reneging on the contract. There were two reasons for choosing to fight against Joe Louis, What were they?

2. While officially recognized by the International Association of Athletics Federations as a track event, it is rarely contested apart from occasional world record attempts. First recorded races dating back to the late 17th century, and the first officially recognized

world record was set by Alfred Shrubb in 1904. Currently the WR for men is at 21.285 by Halie Gebras Selasie and at 18.517 for women by Dire Tune. Which event are we talking about?

3. According to the Roman police logs. there was the little matter of the tennis game gone awry. Michelangelo Merisi - street brawler killed an opponent, “a very polite young man” named Ranunccio Tommasini with a sword after an argument over a bet of 10 scudi. Nobody knows why. Maybe a disputed point. Whatever, it was decidedly against the rules, and Michelangelo had to flee Rome as an exile, shortly after the killing in May of 1606, never to return.

Glad he didn’t take his paintings with him.

How do we know Michelangelo Merisi better?

4. Before X, every vendor had a different way of encoding. X was developed in 1993 by Steven J. Edwards, was discussed and disseminated via Usenet. It became an immediate success because, as a readable text format, it satisfied the needs of people as well as of computers. What is X?

5.In the 1924 Paris Olympics, there were a total of 23 perfect tens achieved, one of the highest tallies in Omypics history. Albert Seguin achieved a perfect ten in the Sidehorse Vault. The others 22 were from the same sport. Which, now defunct, gymnastic sport are we talking about?

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Sree said...

You should have asked these in QFI first

1. (a) WW II made it impossible to fight against Schmeling ?

2. 1 hour run

3. Caravaggio


5. Rope climbing