Thursday, August 18, 2011

QFI Open Sports Quiz Rejects II

1.The 50–40–90 Club is an informal term referring to a very exclusive group of National Basketball Association players. 50–40–90 indicates a great all-around performance and is considered as the ultimate standard. Since the 1979–80 season, the 50–40–90 shooting threshold has only been reached by five players: Steve Nash, Larry Bird, Mark Price, Reggie Miller and Dirk Nowitzki. In fact, Bird has done it twice and Nash has done it four times. So, what is 50-40-90?

2.The ESPN site for cricket is ESPN Cricinfo while the ESPN site for football is ESPN soccernet. What is ESPN's site for rugby called?

3. This event is advertised as "The most exciting two minutes in sports" and also as "The run for the roses". Which event?

4. The 1904 marathon in St. Louis were not ideal condition to race. The terrain  involved a muddy course, a series of about eight hills for the 40-kilometer race and the weather nearing 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Frederick "Fred" Lorz , the winner of the marathon was denied the victory. In fact he was accussed of cheating and James Sullivan, the head of the 1904 Olympics banned him from amateur athletic competition for LIFE.

The eventual winner was Thomas Hicks , who crossed the finish line at 3 hours and 28 minutes - the longest finishing time in Olympic Marathon history (a dubious record that likely will never be broken). James Sullivan, the head of the 1904 Olympics however overlooked a unique fact while declaring Thomas Hicks as winner.

What unpardonable crime did lorz commit and what unique fact was overlooked in Hicks' case ?

5. This museum is housed in the Old Moti Bagh palace, is the only sports museum in the country. Some of the famous artifacts found in this museum are

* Adidas spikes worn by Milkha Singh in the 1960 Rome Olympic
* Major Dhyan Chand`s gold medal which he won at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics,
* the hass — a doughnut shaped exercising apparatus weighing a solid 95 kgs — belonging to the
 legendry Gama Pehalwan who used it for squats,
* shoes which P.T. Usha wore during her 1986 Seoul Asiad win
* The bat autographed by the Indian cricket team captained by Kapil Dev which won the Prudential
  World Cup in 1983.

Id the city where it is situated and the famous institute housed along with this museum

Sriram Got 3.5 answers right...

Answers to Rejects Set I ( questions can be found here)

1. James Braddock felt that at the onset of WWII the fight might be viewed as US vs Germany and didn't want that. Second reason being, Joe Louis manager promised Braddock 10% of each fight Joe Louis would fight for the next 10 years.

2. 1 Hour Run

3. Caravaggio

4. PGN Notation for Chess

5. Rope Climbing


Sree said...

3. Kentucky Derby
4. Travelled in a car
5. Patiala, Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports

Passive Smoker said...

4. Lorz was so tired that he collapsed just before the finish line..The doctors/spectators helped him cross the finish line..but he died because of the exhaustion. Since he did not finish the race by his own, the guy coming second was crowned the winner.

Passive Smoker said...

5. I believe it's Baroda ...Moti Bagh Cricket Stadium is in Baroda..

ajay said...

1.Shot accuracy for 2point, 3pt and free throw for entire season.
2.ESPNN scrum
3.Kentucky derby
4.Travelled by car. Hicks was on some banned substance
5.Patiala and Patiala institute of sports

Sree said...

Saar, answers ....