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QFI Open Sports Quiz 2011: Finals Anti-Clockwise

Finals of the C-Cube QFI Open Sports Quiz 2011

The finals of the Quiz -- had 4 rounds -- Two normal infinite bounce -- 16 questions each and 2 written rounds with 8 questions each. Have not put in the questinos with the Videos.

Anti-Clockwise round

1. The 2012 London Olympics is scheduled to take place from 27 July to 12 August in order to coincide with the British Summer holidays. However, certain sections of the world have opposed strongly to the schedule due to a certain problem.

Which sections and why?

2. Bapu Nadkarni holds the test record for the most number of consecutive maiden overs bowled in an innings. However he doesn't hold the record for the most number of consecutive dot balls in a innings.

Who holds the record and why isn't Nadkarni the holder of this record?

3. This is about two terms X and Y used in two sports.

In the first sport, the X is the major way of scoring points, while the Y formally refers only to grounding the ball by the defensive team. Occasionally people refer to X as the Y, which is incorrect. The term X comes from the fact that originally, grounding the ball only gave the opportunity to score with a kick at goal.

In the second sport, the Y is the major way of scoring points. However, the actual mode of scoring is contrary to the event's name. The term X is used to denote an attempt to score extra points.

X in the first sport is analogous to Y in the second sport.
Identify X, Y and the two sports.

4. Ted Tinling was a revered Chief of Protocol for the ITF and a Director of International Liaison for the Women’s Pro Tour. He was the master of ceremonies for Wimbledon, a position he would hold from the late 20s until the late 40s, and a position he would eventually be asked to resign at the height of a scandal, which was related to another profession of his.

What was the scandal about?

5. When the sport originated, initially the ‘horse’ was used. However, after a series of accidents in 2000, citing safety reasons, it was decided that the horse would be replaced. The company Jansen Fritsen, had came up with an alternative in the mid 1990's. This was used for the first time in 2001, and it was found to be much safer.

What name was given to the alternative and what sport are we talking about?

6. In the contraption shown in the picture, the ball is placed at the specified notch and a known force is applied. The distance travelled is measured.

Where and why is the above process done? What is the device called?

7. With reference to the 2012 Olympics, what is named after this and why?

8. In the mid 19th century, women had become interested in the golf game, but the conservative social norms of the era deemed it unacceptable for women to publicly perform such violent movements that a golf swing requires. Thus, the Ladies' Putting Club of St. Andrews in Scotland, came up with a 18-hole course of putting greens, called “The Himalayas”.


How is “The Himalayas”, the first of its kind?

9. It was built by the former Caledonian Railway Company and opened in 1924, and is now owned by the international alcoholic beverage firm Diageo. It is known as the site of a landmark pact in 1977 which was made to reinforce commitments made in the Singapore Declaration of Commonwealth Principles in 1971.

Identify the place and the pact.

10. This is a motocoaster ride in DreamWorld at Queensland’s Gold Coast. Who designed the ride?

11. Bigfoot, introduced in 1979, is regarded as the original _______ ________, and it remains the most well-known moniker used in the United States. Originally used as a rolling billboard for the owner's (Bob Chandler) shop, Bigfoot slowly gained popularity through its 'special abilities'. In April 1982, it became recognised all over the country. This then led to an all new form of sports entertainment.

What was the new form of entertainment thus created?

12. Sometime around June 2000 , the authorities at Lord’s decided to hoist 3 long white banners between the tiers of the media space ship. The change was prompted by events of the previous 2 test matches that had been played at Lord’s and the fact that the upcoming series was against the West Indies who had Walsh and Ambrose in their bowling attack. What prompted this change?

13. In a unique case, in the 2003 Champions League, this club played the semi-finals and were awarded a victory on the basis of greater “Away” goals (scores of the first leg was 0-0 and second leg 1-1) despite scoring their only goal at their home stadium.

Which club and what was the reason for this anomaly?

14. The first time that the German national anthem was played in public after the Second World War was at the Wankdorf Stadium, nine years after the war ended.

Where is the stadium and what was the occasion?

15. The first race was held at Jerome Park race track in The Bronx on a track built by Winston Churchill’s grandfather.  The oldest of the Triple Crown races for thoroughbred horses in America, it is often called the ‘Race for the Carnations’ because the winning horse is blanketed with white carnations.

Which race?

16. I will take Discus for $20,000. Weave a story around these two.


1. It coincides with the month of Ramadan. Hence, Islamic states are strongly protesting the dates as they feel their athletes cannot participate properly.

2. Hugh Tayfield has the record. Tayfield bowled eight-ball overs so even though he bowled more dot balls, the number of overs were lesser than 21.

3. X – Try

Y – Touchdown

First Sport – Rugby (Union / League)

Second Sport – American Football

4. Ted Tinling designed Gussie Moran’s highly controversial outfit which involved purple lace panties.

5. The event is the Vault. The apparatus being used nowadays is referred to as the ‘Tongue’.

6. To estimate the speed of a golf course.

The USGA specifies the following recommendation for golf course based on Stimpmeter measurement.

Slow greens: 4.5 feet

Medium greens: 6.5 feet

Fast greens: 8.5 feet

7. The official football for the London 2012 Olympics is called “The Albert” after the Royal Albert Hall.

‘Royal Albert Hall’ is Cockney rhyming slang for ‘ball’.

8. The first Miniature Golf course.

9. This is the Gleneagles Hotel.

The pact is the Gleneagles Pact against apartheid, which involved a sporting boycott of South Africa.

10. Mick Doohan

11. Bigfoot was the first ever monster truck.

12. The Chris Read Dismissal

13. AC Milan were playing Inter Milan in the semi-finals. Both the teams share the same stadium – the San Siro. So, the legs were assigned as ‘home’ and ‘away’ arbitrarily beforehand.

14. The stadium is in Bern.

The event was the “Miracle of Berne” in the 1954 FIFA World Cup.

15. Belmont Stakes

16. Krishna Poonia won the CWG 2010 Gold Medal for the Discus throw. Dani Samuels, the World Champion did not take part in the Games citing health reasons. Poonia however accused her of being scared.

As a result, Samuels has challenged Poonia to a $20,000 faceoff in the near future.

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