Monday, August 22, 2011

QFI Open Sports Quiz Rejects III

More questions that we rejected from the QFI Open Sports Quiz 2011.


1.This movie parodied two sensational news stories of the 1990s. One was the John and Lorena Babbitt incident. What was the other?

2.Vlissingen is a municipality and a city in the southwestern Netherlands. In the 17th century Vlissingen was a main harbour for ships of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). The anglicised name of the city was used to name a settlement in the New Netherland colony,when the Dutch West India company settled on the eastern side of Manhattan. What name was given to the settlement?

3. He was instrumental in integrating the game of golf, breaking the sport's color barrier in America by appearing under a sponsor's exemption in the 1952 San Diego Open. Identify the guy.

4. Over the last 30 years only 3 men have won a grand slam after turning 30. Two of them are Peter Sampras and Andre Aggasi. Who is the third?

5. O Sport, pleasure of the Gods,
   essence of life, you appeared suddenly
   in the midst of the grey clearing
  which writhes with the drudgery of
  modern existence, like the radiant
  messenger of a past age, when
  mankind still smiled. And the glimmer
  of dawn lit up the mountain tops and
  flecks of light dotted the ground in the gloomy forests.

This is a poem written by Georges Hohrod and M. Eschbach, which was awarded the gold medal in the sports literature competition in the 1912 Stockholm Olympiad. So basically who are the two people?

Answers to previous set

1. 50% Percent Field Goals, 40% Three Pointers, 90% Free Throws 


3. Kentucky Derby

4. Lorz travelled by car, while the actual winner used perforance enhancing drugs that was overseen

5. Patiala, Nethaji Subhash National Institute of Sports

Sriram and Ajay got three questions right...

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