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QFI Open Sports Quiz 2011: Finals Clockwise

Finals of the C-Cube QFI Open Sports Quiz 2011

The finals of the Quiz -- had 4 rounds -- Two normal infinite bounce -- 16 questions each and 2 written rounds with 8 questions each. Have not put in the questinos with the Videos.

Clockwise round

1. Van Philips, an American inventor said, “It would be the most exciting thing to happen in my life, because the C shape was the first _____ in my mind”. Essentially, he devised this in 1984 by borrowing concepts from the movement of a cheetah, pole vaulting, the spring of a diving board and the C shape of a Chinese sword his father owned.

What highly talked about product did Van Philips invent?

2. Arthur Ehrat was infuriated by the excessive delays in the basketball game caused due to certain visually attractive ‘ungentlemanly acts’ committed by the players. Using a spring from a John Deere cultivator, he came with up an elegant solution, in the form of a new device.

What was the problem and what did Ehrat invent?

3. a.) Introduced the practice of naming a substitute referee (this eventually evolved into the practice of having a designated fourth official).  

 b.) Proposed that the pressure of the ball should be specified in the Laws of the Game.    c.) Introduced the number board for substitutes, so that players could easily understand who was being substituted.    All of these innovations were made by the same person. Identify him and arguably, what was his most famous contribution to football?

4. In which Olympic event would one see these being used?

5. Mr. R.D. Singh is a Dronacharya Award recipient. Although a good sportsman himself, he is more famous for his coaching exploits. How is his Dronacharya award one of a kind?

And hence, name the prodigy that he discovered in 1997 in school competition who later achieved fame in 2004.

6. The event which this movie is based on, is known by what moniker? What inspired this moniker?

7. Shown in the picture is the obverse design used for the Olympics Games medals from 1928 to 1968. From 1972, a small modification of the same design was used. However, a glaring error existed in the design and this was pointed out by the Australian paper, ‘O Kosmos’ before the 2000 Olympics and so the Sydney Olympic Authorities asked for a change in the design. However, the change was done only in 2004.

What was the error?

8. In 1908, a pub owner from Leeds, Yorkshire, by the name of Foot Anakin was taken to court for allowing this game in his establishment, because games of chance in public houses were earlier prohibited by legislation. He challenged this ruling by challenging one of the court officials to a game. The court official failed to win and so, the judge deemed it to be a game of skill rather than a game of chance. This ruling arguably was a turning point in the game's growth.

Which game are we talking about?

9. Fill in the blank and hence tell me where you would find the statue.

I remember Wembley, When ________ beat West Germany. Peters one and Geoffrey three, And Bobby got his OBE!

10. This trophy is named after a Scottish town, which is the birthplace of the sport. The town was once symbolically represented by the visual pun of a mason's hammer and the flower symbolizing Virgin Mary.

One of the key events that popularised the sport in England was a Middlesex charity event, where it was described as follows : "You see the field is so open that if a man gets away with the ball a full sized gallop is required to catch him and very often it... wasn't there." Identify the sport and the trophy.

11. Since the start of the 2009-10 season, during the home matches played at the Estadi Cornellà-El Prat, fans of the home club clap throughout the 22nd minute of the game.

Why do they do this?

12. During the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, Mark Webber retired during the race due to the electronic gearbox selecting two gears at the same time. The Red Bull camp initially claimed that the problem was caused due to a unique feature of the track. What reason did Red Bull give, that was later debunked by the Singapore authorities?

13. This 19th century pitcher, during a tryout, impressed the scouts with his pitching ability and (in his own words) “almost tore the boards off the grandstand with my fast ball. The fence looked like a tornado had hit them”.

How has he been known ever since this tryout and how does his name live on in sports?

14. Connect the following results.

15. The name of the place is not only an obvious allusion to the ‘melting pot’ of ideas that it aimed to become, but it also was to forge a bond with the city's specific history as the center of British steel making and the eighteenth century innovation that propelled it forwards. The history is related to a person by the name of Benjamin Huntsman, who has a tribute to him as shown.

Identify the place.


1. Van Phillips is the inventor of the C-Shape prosthetic foot which is now famously used by Oscar Pistorius. The design that Pistorius uses is called Cheetah.

2. He invented the breakaway rim in basketball to prevent backboard shattering.

3. Ken Aston, who introduced the red and yellow card concept.

4. Race Walking

5. He is the only person to receive a Dronacharya award for paralympic coaching.

The prodigy he discovered was Devendra Jajharia, who won the 2004 Athens Paralympics Gold Medal in the javelin throw.

6. Miracle on Grass and Miracle on Ice

7. The obverse features a colosseum which reflects a Roman tradition and not a Greek one. The design was changed to this :

8. Darts

9. Upton Park.

Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters were all players who represented West Ham United at the time they won the World Cup.

10. Melrose Cup. (Mell + Rose)

The sport is Rugby Sevens.

11. To honour Dani Jarque of Espanyol whose jersey number was 21 and who died on the field. The most famous reference to this was however, Iniesta's tribute during the World Cup

12. The Singapore Grand Prix is the only circuit to run above a tram line. As Webber passed through corner 13, a static electrical charge made the gearbox choose two gears simultaneously and hence he had to retire.

13. Cyclone ‘Cy’ Young, after whom the best pitcher award is named.

14. Both events involve stripping bronze medals off of athletes as they threw it away to show protest.

Ibragim Samadov of the 1992 Unified Team was stripped of his bronze medal after he “hurled his bronze medal to the floor” and stormed off.

Ara Abrahamian was stripped of his bronze medal in 2008 for similar reasons.

15. The Crucible Theatre, where the World Snooker Championships take place.

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