Thursday, March 01, 2007

Answers and Scores to HTNI I

Thank you to all those who replied to the quiz. Here are the Scores and the Answers.

For all those who had asked , who the dedication was to -- It was Illayaraja. One of his album names was How To Name It.

Anubhav Chatterjee -- 3
Sudipk Dey - 5
Sangeetha Banerjee - 5
Sumant Srinivasan - 5 ( not many people saw the name of the pic. Nice Observation)
Gopal Kidao - 2
Karthik Narayan - 1
Yashasvi Arun - Nice Try
Anant Singhania - 1
Vishal Subramanian - 4
Ashok (SCM group) - 4

Answers --

1. Shoeless Joe Jackson - one of the 8 players to have been kicked out as a part of the Match Fixing scandal that rocked the Chicago White Sox in 1919.

2. These people are better known as Black Eyed Peas. Not a major fan of hip hop , but these guys came into my radar , because , they sample some of the old songs of Illayaraja in their songs.

3. This is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland , Ohio. The name of the picture ,actually said rrhof. So there was a clue there.

4. you can find this plaque in the Complex that was built for Apollo 1 and was partially destroyed due to the fire that broke out. I have given points to anyone who has said , anything about Apollo 1 :)

5. A.R. Rahman -- Born as Dileep Kumar , he later changed his names when he started following the Tenets of Islam.

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