Thursday, March 01, 2007

HTNI part II

HTNI part #2.
Encouraged by the responses to the first quiz, the second edition rolls out.

1. What movie was inspired by the 2003 memoir by Robert Baer -- See No Evil : The True Story of a ground soldier in the CIA's War against Terrorism ?

2. What is this? and who use these ? (Pic)

3. Since the budget - seems to be the flavor of the business world , this week -- Who presented Independent India's first Budget?

4. The Song , Adikithu Kuliru in Mannan , was his first attempt as a singer for a movie.He never sung in movies after that. But now this person has decided to sing in a movie expected to be released on Tamil New Year's day. Who is this person?

5. The picture shows a restored 1965 Honda Ra272. What first did this car achieve with respect to Formula 1?

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