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Landmark Quiz Mumbai 2009 Questions


Thanks to the Quizmaster (Navin Jayakumar) for Sharing the prelims question. 

What internationally accepted emergency radio communication derives from the French meaning 'come help me'?

May Day (from venez m’aider”)

Which part of Delhi is “Delhi 6?

Chandni Chowk

Which Indian reality show on MTV has the tagline “Where love is war”?

MTV Splitsvilla

There are only three rivers in India that run from east to west. One of these is the Mahi. Which are the other two?

Narmada and Tapti

Which popular style of devotional music was originally performed at Sufi shrines and dargahs?


What term used to describe perfect eyesight is also the name of a version of a popular sport?


It is named the Nishan-e-Haider in Pakistan and the Bir Shreshto in Bangladesh. What is the Indian equivalent?

Param Vir Chakra

What canine species once existed all along the Atlantic coast of this European country, where they were taught to herd fish into fishermen's nets, to retrieve lost tackle or broken nets, and to act as couriers from ships?

Portuguese water dog. They are popular nowadays because they are hypoallergenic.

Charles Dickens wrote only two historical novels, one of which was Barnaby Rudge. Which was the other?

Tale of Two Cities

Which warrior in Indian mythology is believed to have originated the Chhath Puja festival (popular in Bihar) in honour of the Sun God?


 Referred to in medieval times as Bilad al Barbar ("Land of the Berbers"), what is the commonly used name to refer to the region of Africa containing the countries of Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia?

Horn of Africa

According to the Jahangir Nama, the emperor was impressed by the performance of certain performers from Bengal. Their leader Krishna Chandra Dev was presented an entire village called Sutigram near Dhaka and the Dev family became the landlords of the village. Being landlords they were called ________ , a term that became their family name. Currently, the eighth generation of this family still continues the tradition of entertainment. Fill in the blank.

Sarkar. (PC Sorcar)

In keeping with the times what word did the American Dialect Society choose as the Word of the Year for 2008?


What 2009 international event was nicknamed “The Big Flick”?

Earth Hour

 Which IT guru famously does not have a business card. Instead, he hands out what he calls 'pleasure cards'. They list his address - '545, Tech Square, Rm. 425, Cambridge, MA 02139', and his other interests - 'sharing good books, good food and exotic music and dance, tender embraces and unusual sense of humor'. Who are we talking about?

Richard M. Stallman, founder of the Free Software Movement, who still stays in a room on the MIT campus!

 What “in-the-news” word was popularized by Veer Savarkar in an ideological pamphlet written while imprisoned in Ratnagiri jail, smuggled out of the prison, and published in 1923 by his supporters under his alias “Mahratta”?

Hindutva. The pamphlet was titled Hindutva: Who is a Hindu?

 In 2008, who or what replied to a question with this answer, "There's water here; I've tasted it"

Phoenix Mars Lander

Which part of Mumbai featured by NDTV as one of the Seven Wonders of Maharashtra got its name from the nearby St Thomas Cathedral?


Which European football club was founded as a cricket club in 1899 by British expatriates Alfred Edwards and Herbert Kilpin from Nottingham, and in honor of its origins, retained the English spelling of its city's name, instead of changing it to the local spelling?

AC Milan

What term in serial fiction, derived from computer science, means a discarding of much or even all previous continuity and storyline in the series, to start anew, recent examples being Batman Returns, and Casino Royale (2006)?


The Indian Order of Precedence is the protocol list of seating Indian government officials according to their rank. Where in this order does the Prime Minister figure?

Third, after President and Vice-President

In 1982, toothpaste salesman Dietrich Mateschitz was surprised that certain Mr Taisho was in the top 10 list of tax payers in Japan and that he owned Krating daeng (“water buffalo”). This product that listed taurine as one of its ingredients was effective for jet lag. Mr M inspired by this idea created his empire based on Krating daeng. He said, “I was most fascinated by Zeus the king of Gods-the way he came to see Europa and got transformed.” By what name is Krating daeng known to us?

Red Bull

Whose 2009 Lok Sabha election symbol is a harmonium?

Mallika Sarabhai

In 1923 the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded for the practical extraction of ________. The winners felt that the committee had insulted their co-workers – Charles Best and James Collip – by not including them for the prize and so they shared the prize money with them. In a 2007 cross-Canada survey by the CBC, _________ topped the list of the10 Greatest Canadian Inventions. Fill in the blank.


What incident led to the creation of the Nuclear Suppliers Group in 1974?

Pokharan nuclear test by India.

In which state of India is the Penal Code named the Ranbir Penal Code?

Jammu and Kashmir; named after Ranbir Singh (grandfather of Maharaja Hari Singh).

The original of this was developed after a worker at Rowntree's factory in York put a suggestion in the suggestion box for a snack that a 'man could have in his lunch box for work'. It was launched in September 1935 in the UK as Rowntree's Chocolate Crisp. It was later renamed in 1937 to a brand that we are all familiar with. What?

Kit Kat

What name was given to the second son of King Rishabha because of the immense strength of his arms?

Bahubali (bahu = arm ; bali = strong)

What word was coined by Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, a physician at the San Antonio Air Force Hospital in Texas, to denote a system of exercise he developed to help prevent coronary artery disease?

Aerobics. Cooper's book about the exercise system, Aerobics, was published in 1968.

Which is the only field in which women have not yet won a Nobel Prize?


The Gahirmatha beach in Orissa is considered the world’s most important site for the nesting of what endangered species?

Olive Ridley turtle

What did Stanley Morison, together with Starling Burgess and Victor Lardent, design for Britain’s The Times newspaper in 1931?

Times New Roman serif typeface.

VISUAL: Identify the person. (Clue today’s quiz)

St. Andrew

Where is this picture taken and which book is being autographed?

Leopold Café / Shantaram

VISUAL: Name this animal which is the largest land-dwelling species of the weasel family.


VISUAL: What is depicted on this Google doodle that appeared on September 10, 2008? (Answer in 3 words)

Large Hadron Collider

TRACK 1 MUSIC VIDEO: Name this group whose song "Human" was voted the Best Song of 2008 by the readers of Rolling Stone magazine.

The Killers

TRACK 2 VIDEO: (a) Name this award-winning film. (b) What international charitable organization is featured in this film?

Smile Pinki b. Smile Train

TRACK 3 VIDEO: What extreme sport is this?


TRACK 4 MUSIC VIDEO: Where is this song shot?(song Kabhi Kabhi Aditi from the movie Jaane tu ya Jaane Na?)

St Xavier’s College

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