Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Falkland Wars - Part II

Near which port on the northern coast of the Falkland islands did the British manage an amphibious landing on the 21st of May 1982?

Port San Carlos

Which port did Argentina invade on April 2nd 1982 , rapidly overcoming a small garrison of British Marines?

Port Stanley

At which public place did large crowds of Argentineans gather to show their support of the Argentine military’s invasion of Falkland Islands?

Plazo De Mayo, also accept Presidential Palace

Which group of islets, first sighted by the explorer James Cook and included within the British Falkland Islands as a dependency, was seized by Argentina on the 3rd of April?

South Sandwich Islands

On which Island did a dispute erupt between Argentine Salvage workers and British scientists on March 19, which strained the already uncomfortable relations between Britain and Argentina and which finally led to the Wars?

South Georgia Island

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