Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Life and Works of RK Narayan - Part III

Who said that Narayan's book Swami and friends was just a catalogue when Narayan had given the book to this person for reviewing?

Narayan's uncle

Who is the captain of the cricket team of Malgudi in the book Swami and friends?

Rajam the Police officer's son

What present does Rajam - The police officer's Son - give Swami when Swami and Mani come to see him off?

Andersen's Fairy Tales

In which book does Narayan use the Freedom Struggle of India as his background for his novel?

Waiting for the Mahatma

In which short story that Narayan wrote immediately after independence does he portrays some of the confused impulses and the blind nationalism of the mass movement?

Lawley road

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