Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Falkland Wars - Part III

On which Island was the Wakefield Airfield, an American airfield to which Britain was given control of during the wars, present?

Ascension Island

What technology powered the British submarines as opposed to the diesel-electric engines which powered the Argentenian Submarines in the war?

Nuclear Power

What was the name of the British Destroyer ship that was sunk by an Airforce offensive of Argentina on the 4th of May 1982?

HMS Sheffield

What was the name of the Royal Navy’s Antarctic Patrol vessel that was ordered to remove civilians on the march 25th 1982 but which had to retreat from its order because of a block created by 3 Argentenian Warships?

HMS Endurance

What was the name of the book that was authored by Max Hastings, Simon Jenkins and Brigadier General Oscar Jofre which dealt with the intricacies of the war?

The Battle for the Falklands War

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