Monday, August 01, 2005

Tipu Sultan - The Tiger of Mysore - Part II

In 1767, it was a young Tipu who obtained the ratification of the Treaty of Alliance between the Nizam and Haider Ali. Tipu had gone to the Nizam’s camp at the head of 6000 troops and successfully concluded the treaty. This was the first diplomatic assignment of Tipu, and the Nizam, who was greatly impressed with him, conferred upon him a title to mark this respect. What was the title?

Nasib-ud-daula (fortune of the state)

One of the military highlights of Tipu Sultan's life was when he inflicted a serious defeat on the British at Annagudi near Tanjore on 18 February 1782. The British army consisted of 100 Europeans, 300 cavalry, 1400 sepoys and 10 field pieces but was still comprehensively defeated by Tipu's forces. Who was the British Commander who lost to Tipu in this battle?

Colonel Braithwaite

Which Governor General of the British East India Company commanded the English army to victory in the Third Mysore War against Tipu Sultan?

Lord Cornwallis

After the Third Mysore War, where Tipu suffered defeat at the hands of Lord Cornwallis, he agreed to surrender half of his territory and pay a war indemnity to the English. Since he could not pay war indemnity in full, what was done?

His two sons were taken instead.

In which year did Tipu Sultan die?


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