Thursday, August 02, 2007

Which Brand?

Orphaned at birth in 1836 Olsson Smith was adopted and by the age of 14, he controlled One third of the business in his country. In 1879, Olsson Smith registered the trademark with his “___________Rent Brännvin”. The brand defines its approach to production as One Source. One Source is Åhus, the tiny picturesque town, near the birthplace of Lars Olsson. The face of Lars Olsson Smith, appears on the medallion with the packing .To cultivate its image, the brand forged partnerships with art and fashion icons. In 1985,pop artist Andy Warhol was commissioned to paint a picture of this. Warhol, enthralled by the artfulness, happily obliged. Other well-known artists such as Keith Haring and Kenny Scharff followed him. By1988, a number of noted artists had featured this on their works and the brand gained enormous amounts of unsolicited submissions from artists all Over the world. Which brand??

Absolut - Vodka

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