Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Life and Career of Sachin Tendulkar

When Sachin made his ODI debut against Pakistan two other Indian players also made their debuts. Name both of them.

Vivek Razdan and Salil Ankola

Against which country has Sachin made the most number of runs in ODIs?

Sri Lanka, 2381

Sachin's best ever bowling performance was against Australia when he took 5/32 at Kochi. At which venue did he produce his second best bowling performance of 5/50?

Nehru Stadium, Kochi

For which club did Sachin play after missing the tour of the Caribbean in order to regain fitness for a possible comeback in August 2006?

Lashings world XI

During India's historic tour of Pakistan in 2004, Tendulkar went public with his disappointment at not being able to score 200, when Rahul declared the match with 16 overs remaining on Day 2 when Sachin was still unbeaten on 194. Where was this match played?


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