Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mario Puzo's - The GodFather II

What did Michael present Apollonia with when he met her in her house, after getting the permission of her father?

A heavy gold necklace.

In the novel, who once suffered from an eggshell fracture of the zygoma?

Michael Corleone

What was the name of the surgeon who operated successfully on Lucy Mancini to cure her of her problem, after being requested to by Dr. Jules Segal?

Dr. Frederick Kellner

The head of the Mafia family that controlled upper New York State was one of the few Dons who had never been arrested and whose true activities had never been suspected. He had served on civic committees and had once been voted as the "Businessman of the Year for the State of New York" by the Chamber of Commerce. What was his name?

Ottilio Cuneo

When Vito Corleone went into the Olive Oil Importing business with Genco Abbandando, under what brand name did they sell the Olive Oil in the United States?

Genco Pura

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